Kims Convenience Season 6 Release Date: Confirmed or Cancelled! Check Here!

Kim's Convenience Season 6-CBC announced in March 2020 that Kim's Convenience, its hit family sitcom, had been renewed for at least two more seasons: the fifth and sixth.

However, on March 8, 2021, the Canadian network startled viewers by announcing that the show's fifth season would be its final.

The actors, like everyone else, were taken aback by the sudden decision. Simu Liu, who portrayed Jung, vented his displeasure on Twitter.

At the same time, Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, who played Appa, opened up in an emotional video with CBC journalist Andrew Chang about his disappointment.

Because co-creators Ins Choi and Kevin White were departing the show, the producers opted not to pursue a second season.

Despite Lee's efforts to persuade Choi not to sign off, Choi, who has generally remained silent about the cancellation, chose to depart Kim's Convenience anyhow.

Meanwhile, White has departed the show to pursue another project, a spin-off focusing on Shannon, the show's only regular white character Nicole Power.

Of course, it's easy to see why the network and producers opted to cancel Kim's Convenience once its co-creators left, especially since the show's authenticity was essential to them. However, this does not make the cancellation any less irritating.

Kims Convenience Quick Facts

Network: CBC Television
Language: English
Final episode date: April 13, 2021
Executive producers: Kevin White, Ivan Fecan, Ins Choi

Kim's Convenience Season 6 Release Date: Is It Cancelled?

The show was canceled after five seasons despite being renewed for a sixth in early 2020. Naturally, you're curious about the causes of its cancellation. Although Kim's Convenience season 6 won't be produced, why was the show canceled?

Kims Convenience Season 6 (1)
Kims Convenience Season 6

It Says More About the Producers' Unwillingness

To find another Korean Canadian voice to continue the story than their fear that the program would not be authentic enough if it were renewed.

Rather than doing the right thing — and even dealing with the behind-the-scenes issues Liu mentioned on Facebook — the producers chose to back down.

What hurts even more is how this cancellation represents a significant step backward for television culture.

Kim's Convenience is the first show in Canada to include a majority Asian cast. The plot is based on Ins Choi's play of the same name, inspired by his experiences as a second-generation Korean immigrant in Toronto.

The drama revolves around the titular Kim family, which consists of Appa Kim Sang-il, Umma Yong-mi (Lee and Jean Yoon, reprising their roles from the play), daughter Janet (Andrea Bang), estranged son Jung (Simu Liu), and their small convenience shop, as the title suggests.

Even though the primary protagonists are a Korean Canadian family, the plot does not revolve solely around their ethnicity. Each episode focuses on issues that people face daily.

They might be silly, like when Appa and his Indian Canadian pal Mr. Mehta discussed the sound a frog makes, or severe, like Appa and Jung's strained relationship. That is precisely why Kim's Convenience is such a hit show.

Instead of focusing solely on the characters' ethnicity — in the instance of Appa and Umma, their experiences and problems as Korean immigrants — Kim's Convenience sets them in the circumstances typically only seen in white-centric TV shows.

And the reason this is significant is that it demonstrates that performers and producers of color, in this case of Asian ancestry, can create stories unrelated to their ethnicity.

Kims Convenience Season 6 (2)
Kims Convenience Season 6

At first glance, Appa and Umma's heavy Korean accents appear to be an exaggerated stereotype. However, it has never been treated as the punchline throughout the show's five seasons.

The Korean backgrounds of the characters are exploited more for authenticity than for cheap laughs. Umma's Korean church and various delectable Korean delicacies play an essential role in the plot.

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Of course, the characters face bigotry daily throughout the episode. However, it has never been used to create drama. Many of the concerns raised in Kim's Convenience are more about a generational divide than cultural or racial divides.

Look no further than the premiere episode of the show ‘Gay Discount,' in which Mr. Kim offers an impromptu discount to gay customers after making an inappropriate remark. Mr. Kim's statement to the LGBT clients isn't the punchline here, nor are they. Instead, the hilarity is derived from their mutual misunderstanding.

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Mr. Kim makes the remarks not because he is homophobic but because he cannot keep up with shifting cultural landscapes, in this case, the importance of the Pride Parade for homosexual clients.

This may have been troublesome in less capable hands, but the show instead uses it to emphasize the value of wanting to learn more about other people and generations.

Kindness and sensitivity are essential in this situation. And a large part of Kim's Convenience is dedicated to promoting and honoring service.

Kims Convenience Season 6 (3)
Kims Convenience Season 6

The show may appear to be set in real Toronto, with the store located in the city's Moss Park neighborhood, which is noted for its diverse community, which is reflected in the show by the business's clientele, who are large of various nationalities and origins.

However, the timeframe in which the story takes place appears to be different from what we have currently in the real world. Whereas ethnic hatred, xenophobia, and homophobia still exist in our society, the “world” where Kim's Convenience exists appears to have gone well beyond such issues.

The program depicts a world in which compassion and humor triumph, a society where people from all walks of life can come together and solve their problems.

And it's not wishful thinking; it's a hope and a dream, and most importantly, it's proof of what our world may be like if we choose to love and empathize over all else.

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Kim's Convenience's cancellation means we'll be losing not only one of the few remaining Asian-led TV shows but also a show that dares to dream of a better world.

In an era when most TV shows compete to be the darkest and grittiest, Kim's Convenience risks being the polar opposite. Its demise is a significant blow to television culture, but let us hope that the show's profound legacy will live on and inspire others in the years ahead.

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