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A Look at Kim Lee Shocking Net Worth of $500K in 2022 and Her Personal Life!

Kim Lee is an Asian-American electronic DJ, actress, model, and reality television personality. In this article, we are going to explore some fascinating information about her life, such as her age, height, weight, relationship status, family, and net worth.

Therefore, continue reading the entire article till the very conclusion to obtain any further information.  According to celebrity net worth, Kim Lee has a total asset value of half a million dollars.

Who is Kim Lee?

It was Kim Lee's own hard work that made him a multimillionaire. Previously, Lee worked as a model, and her appearances in music videos included artists like Kanye West and Nicki Minaj.

Lee takes full use of her good fortune by performing all over the world. She has modeled in music videos for musicians such as Nicki Minaj. The Hangover Part II and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation were just two of the movies and TV shows she aired.

Full Name Kim Lee
Nickname Kim
Age 33 years old
Date Of Birth May 22, 1988
Birth Place
Orange County, California, United States
Nationality American
Net Worth $500K

Kim Lee Early Life, Family, and Education

On May 22, 1988, in California, Kim Lee entered the world. She's been very candid with her ‘Bling Empire‘ co-stars Kane and Kevin about her personal life. She said her father had asked her to choose between her mother and him as a place to live, and she had chosen her mother.

Lee's mother and her stepfather, Daniel Segal, brought her up. Author and screenwriter Segal lives and works in Orange County, California. Lee intended to find him with the goal of reestablishing contact with him. Tony Lee, her real dad, died two years before production began.

Kim Lee Career Highlights

Lee is often called “Asia's Calvin Harris” because of his widespread popularity. She started off as a model before she became a DJ. Lee has walked the runways at multiple fashion weeks. She has been featured on the international covers of fashion magazines including Esquire and GQ and has collaborated with designers like Marc Jacobs.

kim lee net worth

In 2011, she was crowned the “Sexiest Woman on the Planet” by Elite Daily. Lee has made cameo appearances in music videos for artists including Kanye West, Far East Movement, and Lupe Fiasco, among others.

Lee appeared in numerous films and television shows, including “The Hangover Part II,” “Entourage,” and “CSI.” Even though this is her first time appearing on a reality show, she is no stranger to the genre, having appeared on The Amazing Race in Vietnam in 2013. On MTV Asia, she hosted the show ‘Yo! MTV Raps.

After spending the night of 2012's Super Bowl partying together, Lee drew the attention of the Black Eyed Peas. After that, she had viral success with a mix that included a song by Kanye West. Since then, her career as a disc jockey has taken off.

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What is the Net Worth of Kim Lee?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the net worth of Asian-American electronic DJ, actress, model, and reality TV personality Kim Lee is $500,000.

Some have dubbed DJ Kim Lee the “Asian Kim Kardashian,” but her most notable claim to fame is her participation in the January 2021 season of the Netflix reality show Bling Ring.

Kim Lee's Personal Life: Husband/Boyfriend

Even though Kevin Kreider and Kelly Mi Li had great chemistry on the first season of “Bling Empire,” they ended up breaking up. Fans hoped Kim Lee and Kevin would start dating after she showed interest in him in the season finale.

kim lee net worth

Things took a fascinating turn in season 2 when Kim and Kevin decided to give their relationship another try. They broke up because of the tension in their relationship. Kim's love life has always been a focus of interest, what with her being a well-liked cast member and a popular DJ.

Not long after, her fanbase learned that she had two exes. Kim was rumored to have briefly dated Dustin Breeding, lead singer of American R&B band B5, in 2007. Few details of their rumored affair are known, however, because of the secrecy with which they conducted their intimate connections.

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Kim Lee Assets

Kim Lee has amassed a fortune that has allowed her to indulge in a lavish lifestyle. She frequently performs at different venues throughout the world. She lives with her parents in the luxurious estate they built in Malibu's elite community. Lee, her mom Kimmy, and her stepdad Dan Segal live in this villa inspired by the Mediterranean style.

The house is larger than an acre at 3,085 square feet, and it contains five bedrooms and four bathrooms. That house was built in 1929. Lee also has an extensive collection of designer clothing, footwear, and accessories.

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Kim Lee Highlights

Here are a few of the most memorable parts of Kim Lee's professional life:

  • Sexiest Woman in the World (2011)
  • The Hangover Part II (Movie, 2011)
  • The Amazing Race (Reality Show, 2013)
  • Bling Empire (Reality Show, 2021-)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Kim Lee Have in the Bank?

At the moment, Kim Lee's net worth is $500,000.

What Does Kim Lee Make Each Year?

Kim Lee makes $200,000 a year as a salary.

What is Kim Lee's Age?

Kim Lee was born in Orange County, California, on May 22, 1988. She is 33 years old.

Winding Up

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