Killing Eve Season 4 Ending Explained: Who Dies at the End of Killing Eve?

The fourth season of Killing Eve has ended, and the series finale left many fans of VillanEve feeling rather torn.

The series depicts the haunt of international assassin Oksana Astankova (Jodie Comer), also known as Villanelle, by MI6 agent Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh). As Eve and Villanelle work on their distinct tasks, they come together to fight a mysterious, dark force called The Twelve. A compulsion develops between the women.

We won’t go into too much detail here to avoid spoilers, but if you’re looking for Killing Eve Season 4 spoilers, keep reading! Information on how to view the show is provided in the upper portion for those who haven’t already done so.

What Happened at the End of Killing Eve?

Ending of Killing Eve Season 4
Ending of Killing Eve Season 4

Eve and Villanelle eventually share a kiss in the Killing Eve series finale. To infiltrate a meeting of the Twelve, Eve disguises herself as a wedding officiant and boards the Queen Dixie boat (almost totally ruining their entire wedding in the process).

It’s all going on at the same time that Villanelle is killing out The Twelve members. Eve and Villanelle are dancing on the boat deck when a sniper shoots Villanelle in the back, sending them plummeting into the River Thames.

They can’t get back to one another because of the river’s current, and the water is stained red from their fight. After that, we see Carolyn standing a safe distance away, making it quite clear that she orchestrated Villanelle’s murder — but she also believes that Eve has been killed.

The final moments of Villanelle’s life are seen underwater, and then Eve emerges from the sea, screaming. Heavy? Yes. Satisfactory? It’s not for everybody.

After four seasons of what some called “queerbaiting,” which resulted in Eve and Villanelle finally getting together and falling in love, the program was condemned for its “bury your gays” cliche.

Unlike the books on which the series is based, Oksana and Eve live happily ever after outside of St. Petersburg, Russia, in this adaptation. Laura Neal, the show’s head writer, told Elle that coming up with the perfect ending was “very difficult.” We covered a lot of ground, to be honest.

“What’s the truth about the endpoint of these characters’ journeys?” was a common question. Looking back at where Eve and Villanelle started and what has occurred to them throughout four seasons, what can we say about where their story is going?

Even if it could have been a little too lighthearted, I don’t think it would have been able to avoid becoming a little too sappy. Because of this, finding the right symbiotic relationship between them was extremely crucial.”

Who Dies at the End of Killing Eve?

Ending of Killing Eve Season 4
Ending of Killing Eve Season 4

This decision was not a simple one for the show’s showrunners and writers to make the show’s producers don’t believe Villanelle is dead at all but relatively elevated.

To Elle, Neal said, “I suppose we ended up killing Villanelle because we wanted to offer Eve a new life. The moment when Eve emerges from the sea was something we had in mind since the first drafts of the ending.

Villanelle needed to die heroically to save Eve, and I believe this is reflected in the final cut. When we saw Villanelle perform that final act for someone else, it seemed very moving because it showed just how far she’d come in her journey.

It was also a selfless act. A form of transcendence rather than an end for her. That’s not Villanelle’s death in my mind. It means to elevate Villanelle to a higher plane of existence. The idea that Villanelle was too huge for this planet came up throughout our conversations. The spirit into that moment, as well,” we intended to say.


Will There Be a Fifth Season of Killing Eve?

Ending of Killing Eve Season 4
Ending of Killing Eve Season 4

In an interview with Elle, before Season 4, executive producer Gina Mingacci said, “This is the end.” There will be no more. “I believe that everyone is satisfied with the outcome, at least on this side.”

Additionally, “I hope that [audiences] assume that Eve will have this beautiful life when ‘The End’ comes up.” Is Carolyn dead or alive? She’s gotten away. She has the freedom to live the life she wants right now.

This new version of her existence will include all of Villanelle’s advice and guidance, and Villanelle will continue to exist in Eve in my mind.

Killing Eve Season 4: Where Can I Watch It?

Killing Eve Season 4 is currently available for viewing on AMC+BBC iPlayerDirecTV StreamFuboTVHulu+ Live TVPhiloSling TV, and YouTube TV. You can add the AMC+ channel to your Prime Video membership if you have Amazon Prime. Your cable company should be able to stream BBC America or AMC on demand if you have traditional cable.

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