Killer Mike Net Worth 2022: How Did Mike Get Famous?

Killer Mike, born Michael Santiago Render on April 20, 1975, is an American rapper, actor, and social activist. The Grammy-winning song “The Whole World” from Outkast's greatest hits album Big Boi and Dre Present… Outkast included Mike's first appearance on their 2000 album Stankonia (2001).

As a solo artist, he has released five full-length albums. Grind Time Official Records, the imprint he founded with SMC and Fontana Distribution, bears his name.

Mike signed with T.I.'s Grand Hustle Records in Atlanta in December of 2008. El-P, a rapper, and producer, produced the entire album, which was released in 2012 under the name R.A.P. Music. Killer Mike and El-P created the duo Run the Jewels in 2013 and released their self-titled debut in June of that year on Fool's Gold Records.

A social and political activist, Mike is also well-known for his work on issues such as socioeconomic injustice, police brutality, and institutionalized racism. To go along with his music, which often addresses issues of racism and police brutality, he has also given lectures and published articles on social justice issues for publications like Billboard.

He has also conducted interviews on police misbehavior and racial relations. When Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race, he refused to back Hillary Clinton and pledged his support for him again in his upcoming presidential bid for the United States of America (USA).

Early life

Michael Render was born on April 20, 1975, in the Adamsville district of Atlanta, Georgia.  He is the son of a father who worked as a policeman and a mother who worked as a florist.

 As a result of the fact that his parents were still minors when he was born, he was reared in part by his grandparents in the Collier Heights section of Atlanta, where he later attended Douglass High School.



Killer Mike net worth

Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, was where Killer Mike met producers The Beat Bullies and Big Boi of Outkast in 1995. The song “Snappin' & Trappin'” from the 2000 album Stankonia had him as a featured artist, and he went on to participate in OutKast's 2001 hit “The Whole World,” which received the Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group in 2002.  Over the course of the year, he appeared on several more tracks, including Jay-“Poppin' Z's Tags” from The Blueprint 2. citations needed

Dayo Adebiyi and Al Thrash of Own Music were managing Killer Mike when he released his debut studio album, Monster, in 2003. OutKast contributed vocals to the album's debut hit, “Akshon (Yeah! ).”

EA Sports' video game Madden NFL 2004 featured a remix of “Akshon (Yeah!).”  In the US Billboard Hot 100, Big Boi and Sleepy Brown's “A.D.I.D.A.S.” was the album's second single, peaking at number 60. As the main artist, this is Killer Mike's highest-ranking track thus far.

“Flip Flop Rock” and “Bust” from OutKast's Speakerboxx/The Love Below double album were his first solo tracks to be released following the release of his own songs. On Chamillionaire's CD The Sound of Revenge, he appeared on “Southern Takeover” alongside Pastor Troy.

Bone Crusher collaborated with T.I. and Killer Mike on the song “Never Scared” off his album AttenCHUN! On the Billboard Hot 100, it reached No. 26, making it Mike's second top 40 success (“The Whole World” being the first). Madden NFL 2004 game soundtrack[4] and the Atlanta Braves' 2003 season adopted the song as a theme song.

Killer Mike's Net Worth

Killer Mike net worth

Killer Mike is a multi-millionaire hip-hop musician and actor from the United States. In April 1975, Killer Mike was born in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Grind Time Official Records was founded by Killer Mike. On OutKast's 2000 album Stankonia, he made his debut with the song “Snappin' and Tappin'.”

The song “The Whole World,” from OutKast's greatest hits album, won a Grammy for best pop vocal performance and included Mike later on. In 2008, rapper T.I. landed Killer Mike on his Grand Hustle Records label.

When Monster was released in March 2003, it peaked at number four on the US R&B chart and number ten on the Billboard 200.

He has six solo studio albums to his credit, the most recent of which, R.A.P. Music, was released in 2012. Killer Mike and rapper-producer El-P have also released two albums together, 2013's Run the Jewels and 2014's Run the Jewels 2.

In addition, he has published four mixtapes of his music. “A.D.I.D.A.S” (with Big Boi and Sleepy Brown) is Mike's most popular hit, which charted in the United States, Ireland, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Graffiti's SWAG Barbershop was founded in 2011 by Mike. He's been in 20 Funerals, Idlewild, and ATL, among others.

Other ventures

Killer Mike net worth

Idlewild (2006), ATL, and 20 Funerals all include Mike (2006). From 2006 to 2008, he worked as a voice actor in the Adult Swim animation Frisky Dingo, portraying rapper/actor turned U.S. President Taqu'il.

In an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Mike provided the voice of a Boost Mobile phone. A weird Adult Swim show called The Eric Andre Show featured him twice: once in 2012 as an opera singer's hype guy, and again in 2014 when Action Bronson and he battled it out on treadmills. Ozark S4 Episode 8: Self in a diner features this character.

Billboard Awards

Killer Mike was honored with the very first Billboard Change Maker Award in the year 2020. This honor was bestowed upon him in recognition of his status as a musician and public figure who uses their platform to advocate for social change.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Killer Mike Own Atlanta?

Black-Owned Digital Bank will be launched by Atlanta businessmen in partnership with the rapper Killer Mike. Njera Perkins. Oct 9, 2020.

How Did Killer Mike Get Famous?

Killer Mike, whose real name is Michael Santiago Render and who was born on April 20, 1975, is a stage name used by an American rapper, actor, and activist of the same name.

Mike made his debut with Outkast on their album Stankonia, which was released in 2000, and he subsequently participated in their track “The Whole World,” which won a Grammy and was featured on their greatest hits album Big Boi and Dre Present.