Kevin Samuels Net Worth: How His Marriages Failed With ‘Five Wifes’?

Kevin Samuels Net Worth: Kevin Samuel has a net worth of 4 million dollars in 2022.

He is an Image Consultant and Lifestyle Coach from the United States, as well as a part-time Youtuber.

His inspiring and persuasive lectures have made him famous. Samuels is a professional life coach, image consultant, and fashion aficionado.

Many people and businesses have benefited from his advice and ideas, which have helped them stay balanced on the road to success.

Kevin Samuels Net Worth, Wife, Age, and a slew of other topics will be discussed in today's article. So let's get started.

Kevin Samuels Height; Weight; Age:

Age 52 Years
Height in cm 187 cm
Height in Feet
6 Feet 02 Inches
Weight in Kg 85 Kg
Chest Size 36 Inches
Waist Size 25 Inches
Biceps Size 16 Inches

Kevin Samuels Biography:

He is an online media influencer who rose to prominence as a result of his online consulting.

Kevin Samuels Net Worth

Kevin Roshon Samuels was born on March 13, 1965, in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

He was an African-American Christian who hailed from a Christian family.

Kevin Samuels is an image consultant and lifestyle coach, according to his Instagram bio.

His fashion and grooming advice to everyone, especially the black community, has earned him a lot of respect.

He is an online media influencer who rose to prominence as a result of his online consulting.

Kevin Roshon Samuels was born on March 13, 1965, in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

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He was an African-American Christian who hailed from a Christian family. He never shared much about his parents with anyone.

Early Life & Family Background:

According to claims in the media, he comes from a damaged home.

Kevin Samuels Net Worth

His parents were separated and divorced. He admitted in his interview that he was closer to his mother than he was to his father.

Even though he was born in Atlanta, he relocated to Oklahoma after the divorce. He was born and raised in Oklahoma.

Millwood High School was where he began his high school education. He went on to the prestigious University of Oklahoma, where he earned his bachelor's degree.

He graduated with a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering. Despite his scientific expertise, he pursued a career in the media.

He worked as a company manager and consultant in the chemical industry after finishing his schooling.

Because of his capacity to get clients for the company, he was also involved in advertising affairs.

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He spent three and a half years at Office Depot as a business development manager.

Kevin Samuels Career 

From 2009 until 2011, he worked for Supermedia, a media conglomerate.

Kevin Samuels Net Worth

He ruined their internet sales agent, as well as their advertising department, where he was able to make the brand more appealing. Aside from that, in 2013, he worked at The Real Yellow Pages, an advertising agency.

His ability to draw in a crowd made him a valuable asset to the organization.

He started his YouTube page on May 20, 2015, although his career with the platform began in 2016.

Kevin's youtube channels have featured several motivational videos, as well as fashion and life teachings, which have helped him gain renown and become a YouTube sensation.

He also had his showroom, Kevin Samuels' Living and Style, where he taught classes on social concerns, life, dressing, and fashion.

Also, for individuals who are unable to visit his showroom for any reason, he has begun online media initiatives.

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He also provides valuable guidance to a variety of businesses and brands to increase their value and expand their operations.

Samuels's Marriages Failed With Wifes

Samuels is said to have had two failed marriages and has been related to Brittany Renner.

According to reports, Kevin Samuels has been married twice, with both marriages ending in divorce.

They also claim he has a 21-year-old daughter, the name of whom he conceals.

In November 2021, Kevin Samuels was linked to Instagram model Brittany Renner. By posting a video of Renner on his Instagram profile, he fueled the suspicions.

It's unclear whether the two were having a fling or just hanging out.

Kevin Samuels' Youtube Channel Is Worth How Much?

Kevin Samuels has a net worth of $4 million and is an American Youtuber, Image Consultant, Dating Expert, Life Coach, and Social Media Influencer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kevin Samuels Has a Bachelor's Degree; Right?

Samuels obtained a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from the prestigious University of Oklahoma after graduating from high school.

When Did Kevin Samuels Start Uploading Videos to Youtube?


Samuels, an image consultant, established his YouTube channel in 2015 to give men advice, with one video from 2017 describing 15 things men should have, including a tailored suit and a sense of humor.

What Was Kevin Samuels' Occupation?

Kevin Samuels, a self-proclaimed relationship guru, has a YouTube channel where he offers lifestyle and romance advice.

He was also a lifestyle and image expert, advising his followers on how to live their lives.

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