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Kenan Thompson Net Worth: Career | How Rich Is He & How Did He Started His Career?

Kenan Thompson Net Worth

Kenan Thompson is an Atlanta-based actor and comedian known for his comedic performances.

After surpassing Darrell Hammond in terms of length of time on the program, Thompson has been a cast member of NBC's sketch comedy series “Saturday Night Live” since 2003. Thompson, the show's longest-serving cast member, joined the show in 2003.

Kenan Thompson's Early Life

Kenan Thompson was born on the 10th of May in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1978.

Thompson's parents, Fletcher Thompson and Elizabeth Ann Thompson, are his biological parents. He has two younger brothers and sisters.

He went to Tri-Cities High School and then Santa Monica College in California, where he received his education. Thompson tied the knot with Christina Evangeline, whom he had seen for a decade, in 2011.

Kenan Thompson Career

Thompson first debuted on the big screen in the 1994 film D2: The Mighty Ducks, which Tim Burton directed.

He even had an appearance in the film ‘Brother Nature.' He appeared in the movie ‘Going in Style, ‘ released in 2017.

Famous Quotes from Kenan Thompson

“I got good at trying to throw a voice on a character from the very beginning as opposed to like reading it and sitting with it and mulling over it, and stuff like that just try to read what it is and then try to put a funny voice to it like as soon as possible and stuff like that.”

“I don't know if people know when you shoot a TV show like you're family, and it works because it seems real to everybody, even to us. We were all so very close.”

Kenan Thompson's Net Worth

Kenan Thompson is an American voice actor, comedian, and actor with a net worth of $13 million.

In addition to his work on television, Thompson is well-known for movies like “The Mighty Ducks,” “Good Burger,” and “Fat Albert.” He received a Primetime Emmy Award for his contributions to “SNL.”

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