Ken Jeong Wife: Biography, Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment, and Many Things!

Ken Jeong's Wife: Ken Jeong is a famous American comedian who is also a good artist and a family man. His wife, Tran Jeong, is a beautiful and inspiring person who makes a positive difference in the life of her husband. What else can you tell me about Ken Jeong's wife?

Behind the success of this comedic actor is a long-term partner who is always there for him. Tran Ho Jeong, on the other hand, has her own story to tell.

Who is Tran Jeong Ken Jeong's Wife?

Tran Ho was born in the United States on February 24, 1972. She was the child of Vietnamese parents and American parents. As of 2022, Tran Jeong will be 50 years old. She knew from a young age that she wanted to become a doctor.

Ken Jeong Wife

So, she went to the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and got her degree. After she finished school, she got a license to work as a doctor. Since almost twenty years ago, she has been a family doctor. California is where she lives and where she works.

How Did Tran and Ken Meet?

Tran Ho and Ken Jeong met at their jobs at Kaiser Permanente in West California, where they both worked. The first time they went out together was in 2002. Ken is a trained doctor in addition to being an actor.

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He became famous later in life and gave up his medical career to become an actor. Before they got married, Ken Jeong and Tran Ho were together for two years.

In a beautiful wedding ceremony in September 2004, they said their vows to each other. In 2007, a lot of great things happened. Ken became an actor full-time, and his wife gave birth to Zooey and Alexa, two beautiful twin daughters.

Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

However, in 2008, the family's circumstances altered drastically. Tran Jeong discovered an unexpected bulge in her left breast and initially paid it little mind. Additionally, she had no family history of breast cancer. Four months later, the bump grew uncomfortable, prompting her to seek medical attention.

She had the benign removed, but the ordeal was not finished. Eventually, she received a phone call informing her that she had triple-negative breast cancer. Ken, her husband, attempted to maintain his composure as he rushed to her side, but he later acknowledged that he cried on the drive to the hospital.

Tran's treatment commenced with severe and prolonged chemotherapy. After the first round of chemotherapy, her physician was optimistic since they believed her tumor was responding well to the medication. She had numerous treatments, including chemotherapy, mastectomy, and radiation.

After being healed of breast cancer, she spoke out about how every woman should be aware of any suspicious breast activity and have it checked out immediately. She also said that being treated had made her more humble and a better physician.

Ken Jeong Wife

This role reversal taught her to better listen to herself and her patients. During her chemotherapy, she was also required to take an important medical board exam. Ken recalled how composed and composed she was that day, and how she ended up passing with flying colors.

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He referred to his wife as his hero. Tran was still a young mother when she was diagnosed with cancer, and it was difficult for her to battle the sickness while caring for her daughters.

Negative ideas would occasionally invade her mind and undermine her confidence. Nevertheless, she believed she would survive, and she knew she already had a wonderful life and family.

Tran Jeong's Net Worth

Tran Jeong MD's net worth is unknown, but Ken Jeong, who is married to her, has a net worth of about $14 million.