Keanu Reeves Net Worth 2022: What Does He Do With His Money?

Keanu Charles Reeves (September 2, 1964) is a Canadian actor. Reeves, who was raised in Toronto but was born in Beirut, began his acting career in theatre and television before making his big-screen debut in Youngblood (1986).

Since then, he has repeated his role in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and its sequels. In 1991, he received critical acclaim for his performance as a hoodlum in the indie movie My Own Private Idaho, and he went on to star in the action films Point Break and Speed two years later (1994).

In The Devil's Advocate (1997), following a string of box office disappointments, Reeves's performance was positively appreciated. In 1999, he became even more famous for his role as Neo in the science fiction series The Matrix. As John Constantine, he starred in Constantine (2005).

He has also appeared in the romance drama The Lake House (2006), the science-fiction thriller The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008), and the criminal thriller Street Kings (2009). (2008). Reeves made a return in 2014 as the eponymous assassin in the John Wick film series, following several years of critically and commercially underwhelming performances.

In addition to starring in the film Man of Tai Chi, Reeves has also directed it (2013). He was a member of the rock band Dogstar and has also dabbled in writing and charity.

Early Life

Keanu On September 2, 1964, in Beirut, Lebanon, Charles Reeves was born. He was born to a mother from Essex in the United Kingdom and a father from Oahu in the United States. While working as a costume designer in Beirut, Reeves' mother met his father.

It wasn't until he was a teenager that the family settled down in Toronto and became Canadian citizens after his father left the family when he was just three years old.

Reeves' schooling was hampered by his dyslexia. A number of high schools kicked him out. However, as a goalkeeper for his high school hockey team, he made up for his poor academic performance. For the first time in his life, Reeves decided to give up hockey and education in order to pursue a career in acting.



Keanu Reeves Net Worth

Reeves got his start in the entertainment industry doing bit parts on Canadian television, in commercials, and in a variety of stage performances before making his debut in the feature film Youngblood in the year 1986.

After that, he was offered other roles as a co-star, one of which being a more significant part in the film River's Edge, which received positive reviews. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure was a surprising triumph at the movie office in 1989, grossing more than $40 million in the United States alone.

This success was Reeves' first taste of commercial success. After that, Reeves went on to feature in a plethora of films, both big and independent, some of which include the drama “Point Break” and the independent “cult smash” “My Own Private Idaho.”


Reeves was catapulted to A-list prominence as a result of the popularity of the action film Speed, which was released in 1994. The film was nominated for two Academy Awards and grossed a combined total of $350.5 million domestically and internationally.

Further success came to Reeves as a result of his leading role in The Matrix franchise, which consists of three science fiction action pictures with a combined gross income of $1.6 billion dollars. His performance as Neo was lauded and commended, and audiences went wild for the flicks thanks to its star.

In the 2014 action thriller “John Wick,” in which Reeves assumed the role of a retired assassin, he was cast in the lead role of the film's titular character. Both the critical reception and financial success of the films were quite positive. He went on to play the same character in two more films after the first one.

More than $500 million has been made at the box office as a direct result of his John Wick series. After taking into account the effects of inflation, Keanu's films have together earned more than $4.6 billion at theatres throughout the world as of the time of this writing.

The first-ever Keanu Reeves film festival in Europe was held in Glasgow, Scotland in 2019, and it was called “KeanuCon.” The event took place on the 27th and 28th of April, and during the course of those two days, nine of his movies were shown.

Keanu Reeves's Net Worth

Keanu Reeves Net Worth

Keanu Reeves is a well-known and very successful actor, singer, and producer in addition to being a generous philanthropist. His net worth is estimated at $380 million.

Over the course of his career, he has been in scores of films, some of which have been commercially successful to the tune of billions of dollars. Perhaps his most notable contributions are those he made to the Matrix and John Wick film franchises.

Keanu Reeves Earnings from The Matrix

Will Smith declined the opportunity to play Neo in The Matrix, which led to Keanu Reeves being cast in the role instead. His starting salary was going to be ten million dollars. He also was given a chunk of the backend which, thanks to the movie's surprise success, resulted in total earnings of $35 million for the first movie.

Taking into account the effects of inflation, that is equivalent to almost $53 million. Warner Bros. Pictures made the announcement that they will be producing a fourth Matrix film in August of 2019.

Keanu Reeves' backend bonuses would eventually make him the highest-paid actor in the history of the film industry for a single franchise if you factor in DVD sales (The Matrix was one of the best-selling DVDs of all time), as well as the enormous box office success of the second and third movies in the series.

Keanu received an additional minimum of 120 million dollars in bonuses from the production of the second and third films. As of the time this article was written, his total revenues from The Matrix, including all sources, have surpassed $200 million.

Personal Life

Keanu Reeves Net Worth

On December 24, 1999, Jennifer Syme, Reeves' longtime girlfriend, gave birth to their stillborn daughter, Ava Archer Syme-Reeves. Their sadness harmed their relationship, and they broke up a few Syme died in a vehicle accident in April 2001. Reeves wanted to cope with the situation before starting filming The Matrix sequels back-to-back. Dat China Chow in 2008. He's never married and very private about his personal life.

Reeves is not religious but is spiritual and is interested in Buddhism.

Two stalkers visited Keanu's Hollywood Hills house in 2014. On September 12, he awakened to a stalker in his library waiting to see him. In the end, he phoned the cops. Another stalker came three days later through an open fence left by Reeves' cleaners. The stalker undressed, showered and then swam naked in his pool. When Reeves wasn't home, the cleaning team called the cops, who arrested the stalker.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Was Keanu Reeves's Wife?

An American actress, personal assistant, and record business executive, Jennifer Maria Syme (December 7, 1972 — April 2, 2001) was known for her work in the entertainment industry.

What Does Keanu Reeves Do With His Money?

He has a lengthy history of giving money to crew workers who work on his films. On top of all the money that Reeves has donated to cancer research and his personal foundation, Reeves has gone out of his way to guarantee that crew workers on his films are well taken care of.

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