KDrama The Sound of Magic: Release Date | Cast | Storyline And Much More!

An extended wait has finally ended; the Sound of Magic will be released in live-action in 2022 after removing the famous webtoon of the same name. We're optimistic that a Netflix release date will be announced shortly after production has officially concluded.

We aim to keep track of everything you'll need to know about The Sound of Magic, including the narrative, cast members, trailer release date, and Netflix release date.

“The Sound of Magic” is a forthcoming South Korean Netflix Original psychological K-Drama series created and produced by Kim Seong-Yoon and based on the webtoon Annarasumanara by Ha Il-Kwon. It is set in a magical world where the sound of magic may be heard.

The Sound of Magic
The Sound of Magic

JTBC Studios, with whom Netflix has previously collaborated on several projects, produces the series.

Many of JTBC's shows are only available abroad on Netflix, and a handful is known worldwide. In contrast to broadcast series sent to Netflix weekly, Netflix will get all of The Sound of Magic episodes at once.

A few other shows JTBC has explicitly created for Netflix include D.P. and All of Us Are Dead, also available on Netflix. Listed below is a list of JTBC shows released on Netflix after the first broadcast in South Korea.

The Sound of Magic Quick Facts

Genres: Drama, Musical
First episode date: May 6, 2022
Network: Netflix
Program creator: Netflix
Director: Kim Seong-Yoon
Language: Korean
What Is The Storyline of The Sound of Magic?


  • Her parents abandoned Yoon Ah Yi due to debt, and she now has to fend for herself and her younger sister.
  • Yoon Ah Yi is still one of the best students at her school, even though she is extremely busy with her part-time work and academics.

Yoon Ha Yi's only goal is to grow up as quickly as possible so that she may find a secure career, and when she tells the magician Lee Eul about her dream, her life is irrevocably altered.

The Sound of Magic: Release Date And Trailer

The Korean drama will release on May 6, 2022, on Netflix.

The Sound of Magic Trailer

The Cast of The Sound of Magic

The Sound of Magic
The Sound of Magic
  • As Yoon Ah Yi, a high school student, Choi Sung Eun will take on the role. Choi began her career in theater and short films at the Doosan Art Center in Seoul.
  • After a successful audition for the comedy Start-Up, she received her first leading part in a feature picture (2019). The SF8 (2020) and Beyond Evil movies included her (2021).
  • Hwang In Youp will play Na Il Deung, a gifted high school student who cannot communicate with anybody outside the classroom because he is too busy studying.
  • WHY, a web series that premiered in 2018, was Hwang's first starring role in an acting capacity.
  • Han Seo Jun in True Beauty is his most famous role (2021). Additionally, he has appeared in The Tale of Nokdu (2019) and 18 Again (2019) (2020).
  • As for the SBS drama Why Her, which will premiere in the first half of 2022, Hwang has also been cast.
The Sound of Magic
The Sound of Magic
  • Ji Chang Wook will portray the enigmatic magician Lee Eul, who longs to retain the innocence of a kid, even as an adult. Ji is a well-known Korean singer and actor.
  • When he was cast in the lead role in the popular daily drama series, Smile Again, he became an overnight sensation (2021-2011).
  • The actor began his acting career in musical theater before appearing in Days… in 2006. In the historical drama Empress Ki, Ji played Toghon Temür, the Yuan Dynasty's 16th ruler.
  • This time, Nam Da Rreum, who has played Lee Eul's younger self in every imaginable drama, will portray the youthful Lee Eul in The Sound of Magic.


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