Katie Meyer Death: Her Parents Share Their Grief Following Their Daughter’s Tragic Death!

The death of Stanford University goalie Katie Meyer was ruled “self-inflicted” by the County of Santa Clara on Thursday.

The university said in a press release on Wednesday that the former Newbury Park High soccer star had been located in her dorm room on Tuesday.

In 2019, Meyer, then just 22 years old, became a household name as she made two crucial penalty saves in the shootout that led Stanford's women's soccer team to the NCAA title game versus North Carolina.

The Medical Examiner-Office Coroner's in Santa Clara County, where Stanford is located, is currently looking into Meyer's death.

A statement from the county's public affairs office read, “The County of Santa Clara is not disclosing additional information concerning the matter at this time.”

What Was Katie Meyer's Cause of Death?

Meyer's parents confirmed to NBC News on Friday that she took her own life(Suicide). As Gina Meyer put it on the Today Show, “the last couple days are like a parent's worst nightmare and you don't wake up from it.” So, “it's simply horrible,” I say.

The Meyers think that her death was caused in part by her anxiety over potential disciplinary punishment at Stanford.

 In an interview with Today, Steven Meyer explained that “Katie, being Katie, was supporting a teammate on campus over an incident and the implications of her protecting that teammate (were possibly resulting in disciplinary action).”

Who was Katie Meyers?

Kathryn Diane Meyer was an American soccer player who died on March 1, 2022. She was born on January 20, 2000, and died on March 1, 2022.

Meyer's parents, Steven and Gina Meyer, raised her in Newbury Park after she was born in Burbank. Meyer had two younger sisters, Siena and Samantha. 2015 saw her participation in Nickelodeon's reality show, Soccer Superstar.

katie meyer cause of death

Meyer pledged his allegiance to the Stanford Cardinal soccer team on October 10, 2015. In 2018, she enrolled at Stanford University with the intent of earning a BA in international relations and a BS in history. She did not participate in any of the team's activities during her freshman year and made her debut in 2019.

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The University of North Carolina lost the 2019 College Cup game in which she was instrumental. In 2020 and 2021, she led her squad as captain. Meyer was a part of the elite Mayfield Fellows Program at Stanford University, which prepares undergraduates to become leaders in technological ventures, and he graduated in 2022.

What Happen to Katie Meyer?

Friday was a heartfelt and crucial night for the Stanford soccer community, which is still mourning the death of the women's team goaltender, Katie Meyer, who died by suicide in February.

Meyer was the starting goaltender for the Stanford Cardinal women's soccer team. On the evening of mental health awareness night, Cagan Field was packed to capacity for a match between the Stanford Women's Soccer team and the UCLA Bruins.

What Happened to Stanford's Soccer Goalie?

Katie Meyer, a goalkeeper for the Stanford University women's soccer team and the team captain, was discovered dead in a campus residence hall on Tuesday.

The death was “determined to be self-inflicted,” and it is the latest incident to sharpen national focus on the mental health of student-athletes.

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Katie Meyers Death

Meyer's body was discovered on March 1, 2022, in her room at Crothers Hall, a residence hall on the Stanford campus. Meyer's mother, when asked about the circumstances surrounding her daughter's death, revealed that she had received a disciplinary email prior to her daughter's passing “For a while, she'd been receiving letters… This one seemed to be the last one before the trial or whatever it was.

Katie Meyer Cause of death

Nothing else we tried could have set off the reaction we saw.” “We [the Stanford University administration] are not able to divulge information on sensitive student disciplinary proceedings,” Dee Mostofi, an assistant vice president at Stanford, said. According to a statement released by Santa Clara County on March 3, 2022, the coroner's office found that the death was “self-inflicted” with “no hint of foul play.”

On November 23, 2022, Meyer's heirs sued Stanford for wrongful death. According to the lawsuit, Meyer had been “in hot water with the authorities for allegedly dumping coffee on a Stanford football player who was being investigated for sexual assault charges against a female soccer player.

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Meyer's father stated that his daughter was defending the minor teammate.” The Stanford University Department of Community Standards was contacted about the issue.