Kate: Learn about What Last Thing She Wants to Do

Imagine if you were to die tomorrow? What would you do? People have dying wishes: Bucket Lists to complete and dreams to fulfil before we see our last dream and breathe the last ounce of Oxygen through our lungs. Kate has a similar journey. Terminally ill and destined to die, she chooses to fill her bucket list up to the brim with Blood!!! One last run for vengeance!! When you have no time left to live, and death is certain, it is actually liberating, and it gives some the power to push through and achieve their goals for one last time.

Blood Bathed 

Kate is a full-fledged assassin, wreaking havoc in the lives of her adversaries, having been trained right from her childhood by Woody Harrelson, her trainer, in the art of death. It is all a cliche, an orphan turned vengeful. The theme, although overused in Hollywood, brings a twist as the now-adult assassin faces her death in no more than 24 hours. If it were your last day, what would you do?? Let us know in the comment section.

So how did it happen??

In the movie, Kate somewhat visually resembles a terminator. Adding to this auro of Darkness is her Left eye. She has a red iris and a distended pupil, evidence of the rarest of all poisons: POLONIUM. It is deteriorating her system on a large scale. It is enough to give her blisters, pounding eardrums, frail knees and redness in her eyes.

But the poison is not strong enough to lessen her anger, for she sets out to find who poisoned her. For Antidote?? Naah!! It's cold-blooded revenge because there is no cure.

The Movie Takes a full Circle

The movie began with a horrifying assignment for Kate as she was asked to snipe her target in front of his teen daughter Ani. This went against her only principle, but regardless she commenced with the task and witnessed the slow death of a man with blood splattering all over her daughter’s face.


Cast and Production

The director who gave cinema masterpieces like pirates of the Caribbean, snow white and the Huntsman Maleficent and much more is now back with his other blockbuster. Yes! I am referring to Cedric Nicolas – troyan.

Anticipation for the release has already been started, an action film packed with adventure and thrill. A story of a female assassin who is set to take tons of gangsters with her onto her grave has some unique flavor.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, as Kate has nailed every scene capturing all emotions on point. Her stance enacted her badass version quite evidently. How often do we see female actresses in the role of an anti-hero? This movie surely challenges all misogyny and patriarchy. Hers is a character defying all gunshots, pain or disease, the level of dedication.

Wrapping up

With some mixed reviews, the movie Looks promising of not lessening any entertainment quotient. So if your gratification of reading about series and movies fulfilled? If not then we have a plethora of articles on the movies and series you would love to read about, just check our website to satisfy your need.