Protect Your City From Terrifying Kaijus In Kaiju Wars!

Kaiju Wars Release Date

According to Foolish Mortals, an indie game studio, Kaiju Wars will be released on Steam in April. This homage to classic kaiju cinema is a mash-up of turn-based genre classics with a one-against-many twist, putting players' armies against a looming monster attack in this turn-based strategy game.


As part of the MIX 10th-anniversary showcase, Foolish Mortals has released a monster trailer announcing that Kaiju Wars will appear on Steam on April 28th, 2022. The trailer may be seen below.

Kaiju Wars

Players must lead an army against an imminent monster onslaught in this love letter to classic kaiju cinema. The game combines turn-based genre classics with a one-against-many twist, in which players are helpless against an impending monster attack.


In this visually stunning 2D turn-based strategy game, you take on the role of the militia in a kaiju film.

As the horrible kaiju become more dangerous with each attack, erect buildings and defend your city with cannon-fodder tanks, aircraft, and other means of deterring their advances.

“Kaiju Wars puts players in the difficult situation of having to halt what appears to be impending doom.

Kaiju Wars

It appears that the monsters attacking Floatio city are practically unstoppable, according to Michael Long, CEO of Foolish Mortals. “In typical kaiju style,” he adds.

When it comes to predicting the kaiju's next move, you have the technology, yet even that might lead to overthinking and your downfall. He went on to say, “We hope Kaiju Wars provides a really unique experience to the turn-based genre, while also being warmly nostalgic of the kaiju genre, which the team much respects.”

Key Features

  • Battle against towering Kaiju in this beautiful 2.5D turn-based strategy game. Create bases and armies to keep the invading Kaiju from destroying your city

Kaiju Wars

  • You may either play through an 8+ hour story or duke it out with a friend in the two-player local or online vs mode
  • Construct your own maps and missions, and then post them on the internet for others to use

Final Words

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