Justine Skye Disses Her Ex ‘Giveon’ And Calls His Song “Weak-Ass”

When it comes to her ex-boyfriend, Justine Skye doesn't mince words. On Friday, she released the music video for her new song, “What a Lie.” The song, which appears to be about her prior connection with Giveon, seems to be about her former romance with him.

With the lyrics “User, what a user / A blessing, learning lessons / I saw then for entertaining leechers / My poison was your peaches” as the opening line, Skye sets the tone for the song. Skye can be seen in the video taking a bite out of a peach and spitting it again. Is it possible that the peach allusions reference Giveon's “Peaches” duet with Justin Bieber and Daniel Caesar?

Skye screams, “Couldn't believe I got that night / Saw the messages in plain sight / How you never thought to erase / Like you wanted me to read and now,” in another set of lines.

During an Instagram Live broadcast in December, Skye revealed that one of her ex-boyfriends had been cheating on her.

In response to a question about the strangest thing they'd ever discovered someone was lying about, Skye shared a story about the time she found her then-boyfriend was cheating on her after getting a hold of his phone and seeing that he was texting many women at the same time.

she claimed. “It's been three days of me not letting him know that I was in possession of his phone and just sitting back and watching him be a f*cking idiot, messaging all these b*tches.”

“Last but not least, when I finally received a response from him, one of the first things he said to me was, “Are you attempting to ruin my life?” ‘You told everyone,' you said.' My pals are the topic of conversation everywhere.

So, I was fully aware of what he was getting himself into… People like that aren't around for long. It doesn't make a difference. Anyway, that was the craziest lie that I'd ever come across and caught someone in.”

Even though she never mentioned Giveon's name, they were said to have ended their relationship barely two months before Instagram Live.

On April 29, Giveon will release a song with a coincidental title similar to “Lie Again”: “Lie Again.” In response to the forthcoming release, Skye tweeted, “I already know what this weak ass song sounds like, and it's not what y'all expect it to be,” on April 19.


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Justine Skye Criticizes Next Giveon Single as “Weak Ass Song”

Everything excellent must eventually come to an end. Former lovebirds Justine Skye and Giveon are separated and at odds after rumors that the pair had broken up because Giveon reportedly cheated on Justine.

As part of her weekly “Wine Down Wednesday” segment on Instagram Live, Justine Skye recounted how she discovered her lover boy ex cheating on her while sorting through a phone from the past.


Skye claims that she received a text from Giveon while he was out on a date with another lady and that when she inquired as to what he was doing, he lied and said that he was out with friends, which she found to be false.

Skye said that when she confronted the singer, instead of admitting it, he contacted his pals in a panic, seeking a reason to tell her. Still, the singer ultimately opted to quit the relationship since he couldn't find an acceptable justification.

“I was like… when he said, ‘I'm done,' I was like… “Are you finished?” she said before presenting him with screenshots of her communications. “After that, I responded, ‘No, I'm through.'”