Justice League 2 Release Date Speculation: Zack Snyder’s Most Recent News

Not only has the existence of a Justice League 2 been left unconfirmed, but it also does not appear to be happening anytime soon. DC producer Charles Roven said in August 2021 that he hoped to be involved in another Justice League film but added that it would be “several years away.”

Warner Bros. is “aggressively anti-Snyder,” even though Zack Snyder's Justice League was released in March 2021. Zack Snyder has been realistic about the chances of another Zack Snyder Justice League film.

Even though a possible sequel currently appears to be a non-starter, there is still a lot of support for the Snyderverse from fans. Even though Snyder promised a “major cliffhanger,” his version of the superhero team-up does end on one. Who can rule out a sequel to The Flash now that the multiverse is coming to the DC Universe?

What can we expect from Justice League 2 if that happens? So far, the following information has been gathered about the film's sequel potential and plot details.

Justice League 2: Will There Be a Sequel to Zack Snyder's Justice League?

Justice League 2
Justice League 2

It appears that the new Justice League will please Snyder's fans, but that is the extent of his vision for the team's evolution. According to ComicBook Debate in January 2021, despite his original idea for more films, Snyder has “no plan” to extend this universe because he “had a lot going on.”

Even though “I didn't expect to be here, so who knows?” he added. A “story-telling cul-de-sac” has been described as Zack Snyder's Justice League for Warner Brothers, precisely how Snyder sees it.

Ahead of its release, Snyder stated that it was “the last movie I produce for the DC Universe” and that even though it ended with a cliffhanger, he wasn't planning on making any other films in the DC Universe.

Never count the possibility of seeing Snyder's vision for Justice League realized until May 2020. As previously noted, Snyder's world might continue without harming other planets as part of the preparations to establish the multiverse.

That's still a long time away (and doubtful), so if Snyder returns to DC, it'll probably be for something other than Justice League 2.


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What Was Snyder's Original Concept for Justice League 2?

Justice League 2
Justice League 2

Zack Snyder's Justice League has some significant spoilers ahead, so if you haven't seen it yet, don't bother reading any further right now. As in the original Justice League, our heroes take against Steppenwolf to prevent him from bringing together the three Mother Boxes.

Wonder Woman's beheading kills Steppenwolf after a short hiccup involving The Flash resetting time. He is forced back through the gateway to Apokolips. Darkseid (DC's answer to Thanos) has a far more prominent role in this movie version, as he wants to conquer Earth and obtain the Anti-Life Equation by killing the heroes.

Later, we see more of Knightmare (the dystopian future first introduced in Batman v Superman). As Bruce Wayne awakens from the vision, he meets the Martian Manhunter, who promises to aid in the next conflict.

Snyder couldn't use the already-shot sequence with Wayne T Carr as John Stewart in Green Lantern instead of the Martian Manhunter, so he changed the character to the latter. However, he may make an appearance in a follow-up film.

As with the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, Snyder's initial Justice League concept would have seen our heroes crushed and returned for one more epic battle via time travel.

To prove that, here's how Snyder explained his sequel plans to The New York Times in an interview. “It's when Superman succumbs to Anti-Life that the Earth falls apart—and then sending Flash back in time to change one thing so that it doesn't happen again.

Then there was the last showdown, in which we triumphed,” he declared. Once again, in the movie that you'll never see, the Earth's forces unify as they did when Darkseid arrived on Earth.”

With all of the world's armies gathered and Atlanteans and Themyscirans emerging out of the ocean, there would be aircraft carriers and Special Forces guys this time. That was the climax of our show. To get there, there's a lengthy drum roll and guitar solo.

Fans are sure to be excited about this ambitious idea, but as we previously stated, Snyder's description of the sequels will have to suffice for the time being.

Justice League 2: Is This the Beginning of a New Chapter?

Justice League 2
Justice League 2

If a second Justice League film is in the works, it's more likely to be a reboot like James Gunn did with The Suicide Squad rather than a sequel. A direct sequel is doubtful, given that Ben Affleck is no longer Batman (although he will make an appearance in The Flash), and Henry Cavill only appears as Superman in cameos.

Justice League 2 might go on without them, even though they are historically significant parts of the team. Otherwise, DC would have to recast some of its stars while keeping Gadot, Momoa, and the rest, which would be a perplexing situation.

However, it appears that a new Justice League sequel is still a long time in coming. At the same time, because of its recent achievements at the box office, Warner Bros. has finally lost its reputation as a studio that cannot make superhero movies work.

This means we should never completely rule out the possibility of the studio making another try at a team-up film.