Journalist analyzes Dersen’s evolution and simulates player ‘fit’ in Corinthian midfield

In an attempt to reduce its wages, Corinthians lent some of its soldiers. One of them is defensive midfielder Aderson, who defends Fortaleza until the end of the season. In conversation with My Timon, Journalist Luca Laprovidera, studied the evolution of athletes at the club from Sears.

Aderson joined the Corinthians in 2020 after leaving Cruciro. While still living the process of adapting to Dimeo, the defensive midfielder found himself facing a moment of instability with club coaches. Thus, the chances for a defensive midfielder were slim, while the fan reviews were numerous because the club did not live up to a good point. Aderson was widely criticized mainly due to technical errors, but now the athlete in Fortaleza shows that he has developed.

Here he missed a little drip, you see. You make small mistakes. Yesterday (June 17), with Atletico-GO, he overcame three enemies and left the defense. It seems to have evolved in this direction, yes. It doesn’t miss many passes … sometimes it misses a bit on long passes, but it ranks. Triple, short bass, carrying the ball, he seems to be quiet, he performs very well.. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange. He hit 85% of the pass per game (on average, from the data Sophoscore). He has long passes, crosses … He has 92% success in the defense, 79% in attack, 80% in long balls and 75% in key passes. He is in good numbers, yes. He's really a player … Of all the players, he and Dinga are the most evolved since the arrival of the new coach. He has improved, especially when it comes to being in the middle of the field, but he plays well and performs better physically. He's played practically all 11 games, he's not changed, he's taking the small card … “, Luca analyzed. – Watch the full interview in the video above.

Luca also spoke about the process of replacing Otterson with Fortaleza, who also faced recent difficulties with a coach. According to the journalist, the new game plan is necessary for the defensive midfielder to show his best field. Even Aderson's good times make the Northeast club consider buying him soon – the player is in debt until the end of the season.

“When we had Anderson (the coach), it was clear (his difficulty) … We played without the ball, ran after the ball, and weighed Adarson, he seemed slow, but he didn’t. When we have a plan now, it doesn’t always have to chase the ball, it just works. We have three rows, representing, Basil … It needs intensity, but for that he doesn’t need to run one side and the other up and down … he runs unnecessarily low, he’s on the battlefield. (…) It goes a long way through the project, he is young, sometimes he seems to have difficulties with some changes, he has some offensive flaws, but we can already see that he has evolved from the state to Brazilian. Today, Fortaleza thinks a lot about buying Aderson. Not now because financially does not help, but throughout the year, with awards, the club has this interest, mainly because we can stay with the coach. There is this interest, yes, ”he explained.

Anderson, 22, said the Corinthians could have another chance at the end of his loan to Fortaleza because his contract with the Alvinegro club lasts until the end of 2025. Analyzing Timio's current style with Sylvinho, Luca said you can imagine how the young steering wheel fits the Corinthian game model.

No, he's not (like Ronnie everywhere). He’s serious, but not like that. (Here in Fortaleza) There are always two or three players on the ball. It helps a lot. The Corinthians project is three players, Ronnie, Gabriel and Condillo, sometimes quite spaced. This complicates matters. Aderson always has someone to pass by, which makes it easy. It is not in the Corinthians. We have two wings, not two wings … Well, I do not see Otter as a serious, game-breaking player. This player, who has these characteristics, is not Aderson. He plays more like a player like Gabriel than Ronnie. It may be similar to Condilo. I look for Gabriel for a good kick and he steps in a little more. This shot for Aderson is from a distance and he has been our best footballer for a long time. I don't see him as a boxer like Condillo or Ronnie who should be everywhere, ”the journalist planned.

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