Josh O’connor Naked: What Things to Learn From This Movie?

Mothering Sunday is a 2021 British romantic drama film directed by Eva Husson and written by Alice Birch based on Graham Swift's novel of the same name.

The cast of the movie includes Odessa Young, Josh O'Connor, Olivia Colman, and Colin Firth.

The film also marks the first time Academy Award winner Glenda Jackson has appeared in a theatrical release in over thirty years, having last appeared in King of the Wind (1990).

‘we're All Insecure,' Says Josh O'Connor of the Nudity That Shocked Cannes

It's the day before Mother's Day when servants in large houses get the day off to visit their mothers. Mrs. Niven instructs her maid, Jane, as she removes the jewelry from her hands, “Be glad you don't have any parents.”

Josh O'connor Naked

Jane, played by Odessa Young, was abandoned as a baby on the steps of an orphanage. She doesn't know who her parents were.

Her mistress continues, that being “so comprehensively bereaved” at the start of life means that loss – real loss – is over and done with. She can move on with her life. “It's a present.”

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Is that correct? Based on Graham Swift's 2016 prize-winning novel of the same name, which Normal People's Alice Birch adapted, French director Eva Husson's movie is set in 1925 when Jane is 24 years old, but it cuts ahead to show us Jane's life in early middle age and as an old woman (played by Glenda Jackson), now a successful writer, remembering her sensual youth.

In actuality, Jane has experienced a terrible loss. Husson likens this historical progression to watching a biopic, albeit one about a fictitious person.

Josh O'Connor, Star of ‘mothering Sunday,' Claims That His Naked Scenes Were Just as Awkward Under Covid Protocols (Video)

Though “The Crown” star Josh O'Connor's new film “Mothering Sunday” contains a lot of nudity and sensuality, he said the hardest part of the film was still shooting during a pandemic rather than having to act naked.

“I wouldn't say it was any stranger being naked during COVID times than it was being clothed,” O'Connor said in a video interview with TheWrap's Steve Pond during the Toronto International Film Festival.

The most difficult aspect for O'Connor was not being able to connect with other people on set or see the real people behind the masks. He admitted that, despite the fact that they had been working together for weeks, he had no idea who greeted him from behind a mask.

How Does ‘the Crown's ‘mothering Sunday' Star Josh O'Connor and Director Eva Husson Navigated Nude Scenes

The most talked-about movie at this year's festival, “Benedetta,” stars a pair of romping nuns. After having to postpone Cannes due to the pandemic last year, 2021 is proving to be a happy nude year for the festival.

Even the ostensibly gentle period drama “Mothering Sunday” is blatant about showing off the human body in all its glory, with Josh O'Connor from “The Crown” and Odessa Young from “Shirley” going full-frontal.

Josh O'connor Naked

Perhaps it's a reaction to the current era, in which even Cannes' trademark cheek-to-cheek kisses on the red carpet are now prohibited, but Husson, who shot “Mothering Sunday” between the U.K.'s first and second lockdowns last fall, attributes the film's liberal nudity to her (French/Spanish) upbringing.