Jonathan Scott Net Worth 2022: Is Jonathan Engaged With Zooey Deschanel?

Due to the popularity of the HGTV series Property Brothers and its various spin-offs, including Buying and Selling, Brother vs. Brother, Property Brothers: At Home, and Brothers Take New Orleans, the brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott has been recognized by virtually everyone in the United States for the past ten years.

Because they have so many hits under their belts and have been successful in so many other commercial enterprises, we think that these twins, who were born in Canada, are enjoying quite affluent lives.

Take a look behind the scenes at these two TV and real estate personalities' remarkable net worths in the following article.

Early Life

It was on April 28, 1979, in Vancouver, British Columbia, that identical twins Jonathan Ian and Andrew (Drew) Alfred Scott were born. Jim and Joanne Scott had no idea that they were expecting more than one child when they welcomed their second son, John, into the world only four minutes before Drew.

As a youngster, their father came from Scotland to the United States with the goal of becoming an American cowboy like the ones he had seen on television while growing up. To raise his family, he gave up his career in the film industry in the late 1970s.

A horse farm in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada, became home for Jim and Joanne's family.

The brothers began their first firm, JAM, making nylon-covered hangers when they were barely seven years old. Until a woman ordered hundreds of them, they sold them door-to-door.

The lads kept looking for work until they came on an ad looking for young clowns to participate in parades. While working as clowns at parades, they made $100 an hour.

John and Drew were barely 8 years old when their father employed them to build and repair fences, decks, and barns. Their father's work remained to be a part of their lives throughout their childhood.

The family started building their parents' dream house in Alberta, Canada, when the boys were just 14 years old.

After completing high school at Thomas Haney, the two brothers headed to Calgary to attend the University of Calgary, where they both graduated with honors.


Early Career

Jonathan Scott Net Worth

When Drew and Jonathan were still in high school, they began investing in real estate and doing renovations. To avoid being “starving artists,” the two first aspired to be entertainers.

They reasoned that making an early real estate investment would serve as a safety net for their longer-term goals. As a freshman in college, they purchased their first home at the age of 18.

For their $250 down payment on a seven-bedroom house across the street from their university, they took out a vendor take-back mortgage. The brothers rented it out when they finished the repairs and made $800 a month in rent.

After a year, they sold it for a $50,000 profit while still in school. Throughout their late adolescent years, they continued to acquire and sell houses.

The brothers experimented with acting and magic before settling on real estate as a career path. In his early twenties, John dropped out of college and began building large-scale illusions with the intention of launching a traveling theatre play.

One of John's acquaintances approached him, and John agreed to let him use some of his illusions in exchange for a small fee. In the end, the man took the entire exhibit, causing the concert to be ruined and leaving Jonathan $80,000 in the red.

Depressed and ashamed, he refused to tell his parents what had occurred to him since he didn't want to upset them. At the age of 20, John was forced to file for bankruptcy.

For his part, Drew was a flight attendant for WestJet at the time. John returned to school to pursue a degree in building and design at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

During this time, he was certified as a general contractor. Meanwhile, in 2004, Drew obtained his real estate license.

Property Brothers

Jonathan Scott Net Worth

Scott Real Estate, Inc. was founded in 2004 by the Scott brothers. Commercial and residential building and development are the focus of the business.

Their third location had opened by the year 2008. Drew and John Scott founded Scott Brothers Entertainment, an independent film and television production business, in 2010.

Their concentration switched from cinema to original programming for television and digital platforms by 2013.

Jonathan and Drew Scott's Net Worth

Their total fortune is $200 million, thanks to their work in Canadian reality television. The Property Brothers television show and home improvement business they started is their most well-known creations.

Jonathan Scott Personal Life

Jonathan Scott Net Worth

In the summer of 2007, John tied the knot with WestJet crew scheduler Kelsy Ully. Her modeling and waitressing jobs created a series of problems for the couple once they moved to Las Vegas, as he details in his book.

Two of them had been married for seven years until they split in 2010. After a three-year relationship with Jacinta Kuznetsov, the two parted ways in April of last year.

Jonathan and Zooey Deschanel began dating in August of 2019 and confirmed their relationship one week after Zooey announced their divorce. They met while recording an episode of Carpool Karaoke.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jonathan Scott Still Married?

In September 2019, they announced their breakup (the same month that Zooey and Jonathan were first spotted hanging out).

While Kelsy Ully was Jonathan's wife from 2007 to 2013, he was previously married to another lady. In his biography alongside his brother Drew, titled It Takes Two: Our Story, he told details about their devastating divorce.

Is Jonathan Scott Engaged with Zooey Deschanel?

He explained that he has no intention of telling Deschanel when he plans to propose to her before he does so.

Ahead of telling a reporter, Jonathan Scott's Power Trip actor remarked, “I'm quite certain that I will ask my girlfriend to marry me.”