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People don't know who Jon Heder is, but they do know what he looks Jonathan Joseph “Jon” Heder was born on October 26, 1977, in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. He was born under the sign of Scorpio. “Napoleon Dynamite,” “The Benchwarmers,” and “Star Vs.

The Forces of Evil” are some of his best-known roles. He is a 43-year-old actor and producer who is best known for his roles in these movies (2015-2019).

jon heder net worth

Before and After: Parents and Siblings, Ethnicity and Religion

For most of his early life, Jon and his identical twin brother Dan were raised by their parents in their hometown of Fort Collins. Their father was a doctor and their mother a housewife; they were both raised by them.

He also has an older brother named Doug and an older sister named Rachel, as well as two younger brothers named Adam and Matt. He also has two younger brothers named Adam and Matt. He is a Canadian citizen, from the White Caucasian ethnic group, and a Christian.

History of Education

Jon Heder moved with his family to Salem, Oregon, when he was two years old. There, he went to Walker Middle School and then South Salem High School, where he graduated in 1996.

Jon was a member of both the drama club and the swim team while he was there. He was also an Eagle Scout, and later that year, he would become a Scoutmaster, which was a job he would do. After he finished high school, he went to Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, to study 3D animation. He can also speak Japanese very well.

A Person's Life

Jon Heder is married. He met his future wife, Kirsten Bales, while they were both studying at Brigham Young University. They got married on November 23, 2002. It was on May 22, 2007, that they had their first child, Evan Jane Heder. They have four children together. Philip Heder, the couple's second child, was born two years after they had their first child. It was in 2014 that they had their third child, a son named Timothy.

jon heder net worth

A daughter, whose name is unknown, was born to them in 2016. They had their fourth child in 2016. Each one of them is a member or a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They are now living in Santa Clarita, California.

A Lot More Success

When Jon Heder was younger, he played Manitou Frogman in the 2004 short-action comedy film “Sockbaby” with his twin brother Dan. He also played Batman in the 2005 short-action comedy film “Tankman Begins,” and he played Darryl in the 2005 romantic comedy fantasy film “Just Like Heaven.”

“The Sasquatch Gang” and “The Benchwarmers,” both made by Adam Sandler and directed by Dennis Dugan, were two of his roles in 2006, when he had a small part in both movies. When the movie “Monster House” was nominated for an Academy Award, he lent his voice to Reginald “Skull” Skulinski and Roger Waddell.

A Look at Jon Heder's Family and Friends

His college sweetheart, Kirsten Bales, has been his wife since 2002. They met at Brigham Young University, where they were both students. They have two daughters and two sons, so they are very happy.

There are a Lot of Ways that Jon Heder Became Rich

Jon Heder was born on October 26, 1977, and he has been alive for almost three decades. He is now 44 years old. There, he was born. Heder is Jon's father. His mother is Helen and his father is James Heder. His older sister is named Rachel, he has three brothers named Adam and Matt, and he has one brother named Doug.

As soon as he was two years old, he and his parents moved to Salem, Oregon. There was a middle school that Jon attended. He then attended South Salem High School, where he earned a diploma in 1996. During his time in school, he was a member of the drama club and the swim team. As an Eagle Scout, Jon also served as the scout master.

Later, he went to Brigham Young University and earned a computer animation degree. He was an alumnus of the university. It was called “Funky Town” when he was in college. He made the movie with his brother, and another person. The movie was never shown to the public, but Jon learned how to act thanks to it. This isn't the only thing he did. He also worked on another short film called “Peluca.”

In this movie, Napoleon was an unusual teen. Jon was chosen to play Napoleon, and he did a great job. People liked it and it became a full-length movie. Jon got his big break in the movie. It made its debut at the Sundance Film Festival, where it was a huge hit and won a lot of awards and nominations. Jon even said that even though he only made $1,000 at first for this role, it was his favourite so far.

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He has a Lot of Money

A lot of people think that Jon Heder will have a fortune of 18 million dollars by the year 2022. His wealth is mostly due to how well he has done as an actor. For his acting work over the years, he's earned more than 10 million of his net worth.

jon heder net worth

Also, he owns a home and a car. A lot of his money comes from his clothing line and investments in Playstation. It can be estimated that about 5 million of it comes from these things, which make him a very rich person.

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How Does Jon Spend his Money?

Jon Heder doesn't live a very extravagant life, but he does spend money on things that he thinks are important. Jon has bought a small house and a beautiful red sports car. He spends most of his money on his clothing business and other projects. Most celebrities live very quiet lives. But not Jon Heder. He spends a lot of time with his family.

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