Who is Jon Gosselin’s New Girlfriend? Meet Stephanie Lobe

Jon Gosselin, known for his appearance on the reality TV show “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” has been a figure of public interest for years. His life and relationships have often been in the spotlight since the show's inception.

Recently, there has been buzz about Jon Gosselin's new girlfriend, piquing the curiosity of fans and the media.

Former television celebrity Jon Gosselin has claimed that he is in a love relationship with Stephanie Lebo. They discreetly dated for two years before going public with their love on August 1, 2023.

In this article, we will explore the limited information available about Jon Gosselin's new girlfriend- Stephanie Lebo, and provide some insights into their relationship.

Who is Stephanie Lebo?

Stephanie Lebo used to be a beautician but changed careers after a few years to become a research analyst. She is a 35-year-old woman from Pennsylvania, America.

Stephanie and Jon Gosselin live in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, with their daughter Giuliana. She is little recognized because she does not have a social media presence and avoids the spotlight.

How Did Jon Gosselin and Stephanie Lebo Meet?

Stephanie met Jon at the home of a mutual friend, Dean, and the two “never stopped talking.” A few days later, the pair went on their first date, and Stephanie remembered wanting to kiss Jon afterward. He did, however, tell her to wait since he needed Dean's approval.

Jon Gosselin's New Girlfriend

Dean is a close buddy and Lebo considers him a brother. According to The Sun, when he asked Dean's permission, he said:

“No I don't mind, but if you hurt her I'll kill you, I'll snap you in half.” Lebo revealed to the publication that the couple had “so much in common,” shedding light on their bond.

“We have both been with people who are not the best for us, but we wouldn't appreciate what we have together if it wasn't for those experiences,” she went on to say.

When Did Jon Gosselin and Stephanie Start Dating?

Jon and Stephanie made their romance public in 2023, two years after they began dating.

During an interview with The New York Times, the pair confessed that they fell head over heels in love after meeting at a backyard cookout.

“We met at a backyard barbecue at the home of a mutual friend, Dean.” “It was a hillbilly thing, we let off fireworks, it was fun,” Jon explained.

“It was a graduation party and a birthday party for our mutual friend's nephew's birthday, but he knew it was also my birthday, so he got me a special lotus candle that opened up when it spun around,” Stephanie explained.

“After that, I was tagged in an Instagram post about it, and Jon wrote, ‘That was a super cool candle,' and I wrote, ‘It was super cool to meet you.'”

“And basically that was it – we started DMing each other and after that, we just never stopped talking.”

Who are Jon Gosselin's Ex-Girlfriends?

Jon's relationship with Stephanie followed a string of failed romances that began in the late 2000s.

His marital problems began in 2009, when his wife of ten years, Kate Gosselin, divorced him.

Jon Gosselin's ex Girlfriend

“Parents of multiples have a triple divorce rate,” Kate, who has eight children with Jon, remarked during an episode of the family's TLC show, according to Us Weekly.

“I thought we were going to beat that.” “I'm not sure I can say that anymore.”

Before meeting Stephanie, he had relationships with Kate Major, Hailey Glassman, Liz Jannetta, and Colleen Conrad.

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“It seems like it took 19 years to find Steph.” “After all the trials and tribulations, heartbreak, fighting, and worrying about who will talk about me in the press, I finally met Steph,” Jon stated.

“I never imagined that relationships would be easy. I always assumed that my relationships would be difficult and that people would always have a chip on their shoulder, saying, ‘Screw you, you're famous, and I don't have anything and I've had to give up this or that.' This time, however, it is not the case. It's simple.”

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