John Salley Wife: How Many Years Have They Been Together?

John Thomas Salley, who goes by the name “John Salley” in the business world, is a well-known American talk show host and used to play professional basketball.

John Salley, a famous American talk show host, was the first NBA player to win titles with three different teams and the first player to win titles in three different decades.

John hosted “The Best Damn Sports Show Period,” a popular sports show on Fox Sports Net, for a long time. The well-known American talk show host is also a wellness entrepreneur, a vegan activist, and a chef.

Read on to learn more about how well-known American talk show host John Salley gets along with his wife Natasha Duffy and their children. Read this article to find out.

Since 1993, John Salley Has Been Married to Natasha Duffy

John Salley, a well-known American talk show host, has been married to Natasha Duffy for over 20 years. Since 1993, the talk show host has been married to Natasha. They have been happy together.

Even though the couple isn't often seen together in public, they have a great life as a married couple. No one thought that the couple would break up until now.

Also, they show that their relationship gets stronger as the years go by. The famous American talk show host and his wife Natasha have two kids together.

Who Is Natasha Duffy?

Natasha Duffy, whose real name is Natasha Salley, used to work as a fashion model for many different agencies. Her Instagram bio says that she is now a certified pilates teacher.

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Aside from her work, Duffy is best known as the wife of former professional basketball player John Salley. Since the early 1990s, the couple has been together and has two children.

Also, we've researched to help you learn more about John Salley's wife Natasha, such as who her parents are and what else!

How Old is Natasha Duff? Her Birth Details and Education

In 2022, Natasha will be 52 years old. Natasha Ann Duff was born in the United States on August 19, 1970. In August 2021, when Duffy's last birthday was, her husband John posted a series of photos of his wife with the caption, “Please join me in saying happy birthday to my wife, @natashasalley !!!…. Love ya…still”


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Natasha went to school at the Tuskegee Institute and got her degree there.

The Parents and Siblings of Natasha Duff

Pat and Nathaniel Duff have a daughter named Duff. Her parents used to run a flower shop in Detroit called Byron's Flowers. Also, they are married and have been together since May 1965, even though they are not of the same race.

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On their 50th wedding anniversary, Natasha posted a picture of her parents at their wedding. She said, “Congratulations on 50 years, Mommy and Daddy!! I love you.” Natasha has a brother and a sister who are also her siblings.

What Nationality Does Natasha Belong To?

She is an American citizen. And Natasha is a mix of different races because her mother is white and her father is black.

Do They Have Any Children?

Natasha Duffy and her husband John are proud to have two children. On July 30, 1996, they had their first child, a daughter named Tyla Milan. Drake is a massive fan of 6ft 2in tall Tyla. John Salley's wife Natasha had their second daughter, Taya Bella, in April 2003.

John Salley Wife

Natasha is also the stepmother of Giovanna Salley, who is a daughter. John's first child from his relationship with Vanessa is a model and singer named Giovanna. All their kids are grown up and have always loved each other very much.