John Cena’s Ex-wife : Who is Elizabeth Huberdeau?

If you haven't heard of Elizabeth Huberdeau or acknowledged her, you aren't a WWE fan. Elizabeth Huberdeau is the former partner of WWE superstar John Cena, as well as a real estate developer and a businesswoman. Her nickname is Liz Cena, and she wasn't well-known until she married Cena.

No one expected Cena to marry Elizabeth; he stated at a marketing event for his film “12 Rounds” that “I'm going to be coupled this year.”

Things began to work out; they married on July 11, 2009, and their wedding was a wonderful one; they spent time together, and Elizabeth Huberdeau frequently aided her husband.

The desk expanded to become all-encompassing in May 2012. After three years of marriage, John Cena filed for divorce; the reason for their split was a disagreement over the remodelling of their home, which was finally settled in July.

Elizabeth Huberdeau is now known as John Cena's ex-wife.

John Cena Is a Professional Wrestler.

John Cena is a professional wrestler, actor, rapper, and television host from the United States. He was formerly the WWE saga, and he was well-known for his numerous identities in WWE. He was born on April 23rd, 1977.

John Cena's Ex-net Wife's Worth

What is Elizabeth Huberdeau's net worth? As of the beginning of 2018, references value her online at about $3 million, which she gained via a variety of endeavours.

Her net worth increased significantly during her wedding as a result of her ex-$55 husband's million worth of assets. As a result, they signed a prenuptial agreement, which stated that she would not be entitled to any of his assets following the divorce. It is expected that her fortune will increase if she continues to work hard.

Elizabeth and John's Relationship

According to some sources, Elizabeth and John were overzealous faculty zealots who met in any of the above mentioned institutions. However, employing any of them to the public domain has not exposed the storey at the back of the beginning and improvement of their engagement.

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The lovers married jointly on July 11th, 2009, after a long romance and understanding of each other's differences. In their home state of Massachusetts, the couple exchanged vows in a wedding ceremony.

Elizabeth changed her name to Liz Cena after she married John Cena. She was formerly fairly well-known for this title. The duo looked to be inseparable at the end. Every time they get together, they do so as a group. Liz also gives up her job to help her husband and accompany him to everything he need. Liz filed for divorce in May 2012, after three wonderful years of happily married life. Even still, the reason for this divorce was formerly unknown.

However, during the promotion of the film 12 Rounds, things began to turn upside down, including the name of their relationship. When John Cena was presented, he made a point of stating that he had been married this year.

According to John Cena, the reason for their divorce was a disagreement about how to remodel their home. John has cheated on Liz several times, according to Liz and her attorney, and he frequently dates multiple women. He also has an extramarital affair. On July 18, 2012, their divorce was finalised.

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Liz hasn't had any teens with her husband John Cena since he didn't want a kid during their long-distance romance and short-distance wedding. He just wants a modest family of two, just him and his partner.

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