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Quick Info

Real Name
Johannes Vermeer
Nickname Vermeer
Date of Birth 31 October 1632
Date of Death December 1675
Nationality Dutch
Known for Painting
Wife name
Catharina Bolnes
Dutch Golden Age, Baroque

Johannes Vermeer Biography

Dutch Baroque painter Johannes Vermeer was a master of his craft. The Girl with a Pearl Earring is his most well-known piece.

Vermeer was renowned for his meticulous craftsmanship and extravagant use of color. His masterful manipulation of light is a particular strength.

Johannes Vermeer Net Worth

The Milkmaid, The Art of Painting, A View of Delft, A Woman Holding a Balance, and other pieces are among his most famous.

Artist Vermeer of the Netherlands passed away on December 16, 1675. This Google Doodle pays tribute to the celebrated Dutch artist. That is the state of our knowledge at this time.

Johannes Vermeer's death has been attributed to his wretchedness and mania.

He was not wealthy, and his family had to pay off his debts at the time of his death.

His wife had acted out his death from a brief illness. On 15 December 1675, he was buried in the Protestant Old Church.

To his beloved Catharina Bolnes, Johannes Vermeer tied the knot. According to Vermeer's wiki page, she was a devout Catholic.

They exchanged marriage vows in Schipluiden, a nearby village. After being married, Vermeer allegedly converted to Catholicism.

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Bones, his better half, came from a wealthy background. She gave birth to fifteen children, four of whom were hidden away before they could be washed in a sanctifying river.

Vermeer had ten children: Maertge, Elisabeth, Cornelia, Aleydis, Beatrix, Johannes, Gertruyd, Franciscus, Catharina, and Ignatius.

Little in the way of documented family history is available. However, experts assure us that the majority of his children's names have significant meaning.

The whole subtlety of Johannes Vermeer's assets eluded analysis.

 In spite of his groundbreaking contributions to the Dutch arts, he lived in relative poverty. The truth is that he left his family with a mountain of debt after his death.

Vermeer's sales were hampered by the war with France. At the same time, it was essential to find a place for all of the family members.

To date, millions of dollars worth of Johannes Vermeer's works have been purchased. The price received for his work ranks fifth all-time for an Old Master.

The price of £16.2 million was paid for the painting Young Woman Seated At the Virginals. The Vermeer painting that was put up for auction brought in about $40 million.

He was widely regarded as the period's finest craftsman. However, just 35 of his works remain, and they are worth millions.

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Whatis the Net Worth of Johannes Vermeer ?

It is estimated that the wealth of the famed painter Johannes Vermeer ranges from $1-5 million. A native of Delft, the Netherlands, he entered this world on October 31st, 1632. Painter of middle-class household life in the Dutch Golden Age, renowned for his mastery of light and color. After his death, he faded into obscurity, but in the 19th century, he was rediscovered and eventually came to be recognized as one of the best painters of the Dutch Golden Age.Johannes Vermeer Net Worth

Johnathan is a native Dutchman. Both his and Rembrandt van Rijn's works are on display at Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum, therefore they were both considered greats in their day.

The Birth of Johannes Vermeer

John Vermeer was born on Sunday, October 31, 1632, in Delft, Netherlands.

Age of Johannes Vermeer

On the day of his death, December 15th, 1675, he will have been a total of 167.5 years old. Born under the Scorpio zodiac, Johannes Vermeer is a native of the Netherlands.

Johannes Vermeer Personal Life and Family

First, let's see if we can determine whether or not Johannes Vermeer is married. In a relationship, spouse, or partner, To who is Johannes Vermeer engaged? To My Boyfriend/ Girlfriend, Is there a new addition to the Vermeer family? In other words, Son or Daughter. Try to take a peek at Previously committed relationships and casual encounters by Johannes Vermeer.

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Because of his reserved nature, Johannes Vermeer does not discuss his personal or romantic life. For the most up-to-date information on the known connections between Johannes Vermeer and other people, please revisit this page regularly.

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