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Joey and Miranda the Circle: Did He and She End Up Together After the Circle?

Joey and Miranda the Circle

The first season of the American reality competition streaming series The Circle premiered on Netflix on January 1, 2020, and ended on January 15, 2020. Michelle Buteau hosted this season.

It was announced ahead of the season that players would compete to become the most popular, but they would never actually meet.

They would instead communicate via a specially designed app and be able to portray themselves in any way they wanted.

On March 24, 2020, Netflix renewed The Circle for a second and third season.

Joey Sasso, the Circle's Sweetheart, Reveals What Really Happened Behind the Scenes and His Romance With Miranda

Joey Sasso had no idea what he was getting himself into when he first entered a small apartment complex in Salford, England for a new Netflix reality show.

Neither did viewers when the show debuted on the streaming service three weeks ago.

Joey appeared to be another gym-tan-laundry type we'd seen a million times on reality television. Joey's appearances, like the show itself, were deceiving.

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The Circle, an imported show shot in the same building as its British counterpart, is a game of social media prowess. The players are locked in an apartment and can only communicate with one another through a social media platform called The Circle.

These seven contestants have the option of playing as themselves or “catfishing” others. Rankings determine who has power, and once you're blocked, you're out of the game. The last person standing wins $100,000.

(By the way, the following post from here contains spoilers for the final four episodes, including who wins The Circle.) Continue at your own risk.)

Joey Sasso of the Circle: Season 1 Teases Relationship With Miranda

Joey Sasso and Miranda Bissonnette, two fans of Netflix's The Circle, have been rumored to be dating. The Circle, one of the most original new reality shows to hit streaming, challenges contestants to use their detective skills in a social media-style competition.

Each contestant has the option of being authentic or a catfish, which leads to unexpected alliances and shocking reveals.

While many of the contestants have faded into obscurity, Joey and Miranda remain an iconic alliance from the series and remain at the forefront of fans' minds as they consider the outcome of season 1.

Since season one, the show has evolved and progressed, expanding into new countries and exploring a variety of perspectives and experiences. The Circle has kept reality television fresh and inventive, evolving constantly and even featuring famous contestants.

While many Netflix reality shows have felt drama-focused, avoiding authentic and meaningful conversations or content, The Circle has become a platform for hope, love, and friendship despite the series' overall competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Joey and Miranda From the Circle Dating?

Are Joey and Miranda Still Together? Unfortunately for Joey and Miranda Fans, It Does Not Appear That They Are Still Together – but They Did Remain Close After the Show Ended. “We Are in Each Other's Lives.

Did Joey and Miranda End Up Together After the Circle?

Joey Stated in the Interview That “We Are Definitely Still in Each Other's Lives...we Really Just Care and Love Each Other.” When Asked Directly About Their Relationship Status, Joey Stated, “I Don't Want to Say if We're Together or Not Together.” He also Wished Miranda Well, Regardless of Their Relationship Status, Saying, “I Want Her to Be Happy.”

What is the Circle's Joey Currently Doing?

Joey is Currently Running His Own Clothing Line Called “Sasso Fam Collection” and is Very Active on Social Media. When It Came Down to the Final Three, I Blacked Out, Especially When They Announced Me as the Winner, Joey Admitted in an Interview With Gq.

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