Joel Kinnaman Net Worth 2022: Are Joel and Alexander Skarsgard Friends?

Swedish-American actor Charles Joel Nordström Kinnaman (born November 25, 1979) is best known for his appearances in the films Easy Money and Johan Falk and the Johan Falk mystery series.

The Killing, Altered Carbon’s Takeshi Kovacs, and House of Cards Governor Will Conway have all made Kinnaman a household name in the United States and across the world. Rick Flag in the Warner Bros.

film adaptations of DC Comics anti-hero squad Suicide Squad (2016), as well as James Gunn’s 2021 sequel/soft reboot, The Suicide Squad.

Alex Murphy in the 2014 RoboCop remake. On Apple TV+’s For All Mankind, he’s been playing Ed Baldwin, a NASA astronaut, since 2019.

Early Life

Born in Stockholm, Sweden, on November 25, 1979, Charles Joel Nordström Kinnaman is an American actor. Even though Joel’s mother is a Swedish citizen, Joel’s father is an American Vietnam War deserter who finally lived in Sweden. Kinnaman traces his ancestry back to the Jewish people through his mother’s side of the family. Joel began speaking English with his parents at a very young age.

When he was a high school exchange student in Texas, he had his first encounter with American culture. After completing his education, Kinnaman set out to see the globe while supporting himself through a variety of professions. Norway, France, and Southeast Asia were among the destinations he visited.



Joel Kinnaman Net Worth


A child actor in Swedish soap operas, Joel’s career in the entertainment industry began at an early age. His elder sister, who was dating a director at the time, helped him land gigs since she was dating him. After 22 appearances in the soap opera “Storstad” as a youngster, Kinnaman chose to leave up acting altogether.

Joel returned to performing in 2002 and attended a post-secondary college to study theatre. At the beginning of his career as an actor, he was able to land many roles in Swedish films such as “Hannah med H.” Kinnaman was also a theatre performer in Gothenburg around this time. “Crime and Punishment,” which was produced in Gothenburg in 2007, was Joel’s first major stage role after graduating from Malmö Theatre Academy in 2007.

Kinnaman appeared in nine Swedish films in the next year or so. The movies “In Your Veins” and “Johan Falk” both featured notable actors. Many accolades came his way as a result of his work on the latter film series. A new agent in the United States, who helped Joel land his first international job in “The Darkest Hour,” urged him to do so.

Joel Kinnaman’s Net Worth

Joel Kinnaman Net Worth

An American-Swedish actor, Joel Kinnaman, with a net worth of more than $14 million. After beginning with films like “Easy Money” and series like “Johan Falk,” Kinnaman went on to feature in other Hollywood projects and enjoyed great success. The 2014 remake of “Robocop” and “Suicide Squad” signaled his crossover to Hollywood filmmaking.

As a television actor, Kinnaman is best recognized for his role as Detective Stephen Holder on AMC’s “The Killing.” As well to “Altered Carbon” and “House of Cards,” Joel has appeared in other television programs. With parts in films like “Hanna” and “For All Mankind” at the end of the decade, Kinnaman maintained his cinematic career.


Joel Kinnaman Net Worth

Cleo Wattenström, a Swedish tattoo artist, and Kinnaman were married for three years before they divorced in 2018. Kelly Gale, a Swedish-Australian model, became Joel’s next love interest.

Medical Issues

During his childhood, Kinnaman suffered from the medical disease pectus excavatum, which gave him the appearance of having a caved-in chest. Joel had two metal bars implanted into his sternum as part of a corrective operation after booking a role on “Altered Carbon.” His chest now looks to be completely normal.

Real Estate

For $2.245 million, Kinnaman was rumored to have acquired a Sunset Strip mansion in 2014. In addition to three bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, Joel’s home is more than 2,500 square feet in size. Wood floors, big windows, and a concrete-faced fireplace are also included. For those looking for an expansive outdoor area with views of the Pacific, Kinnaman’s house is the place to be.

A year and a half later, in 2016, Joel Kinnaman purportedly purchased another California house, this time in Venice. He paid $3.749 million for the 3,343-square-foot home, which has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. In addition to the well-kept yard, there are hardwood flooring and marble countertops.

Kinnaman also made progress in 2016 in his efforts to sell his Sunset Strip house. He decided to lower the price from $2.795 million to $2.35 million since he didn’t see many purchasers interested in the Hollywood Hills house.

Joel was apparently satisfied to sell his property for less than he paid for it all those years ago when he bought it for $2.45 million. Vinnie Guadagnino paid 3.5 million dollars in 2017 for this mansion, which Vinny advertised in August 2021 for $3.85 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Joel Kinnaman and Alexander Skarsgard Friends?

Joel Kinnaman, Olivia’s lover, is a longtime acquaintance of fellow Swede Stellan Skarsgard. “Olivia is adored by all of his pals, and she never fails to make everyone laugh.

How Many Languages Does Joel Kinnaman Speak?

Kinnaman is both American and Swedish in real life. However, he portrays a native German in Hanna, despite the fact that he only speaks four languages well. According to his self-deprecating admission, “I only speak Swedish, English, Norwegian, and Danish,” a native Danish speaker would not recognize his fluent Danish.

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