Joe Locke Discusses Sexuality and Playing Gay Characters; Who Is His Partner?

Joe Locke is a British actor who is most known for his role as Charlie Spring in the Netflix coming-of-age television series Heartstopper, which premiered in 2022. The series is directed by Alice Oseman and features other emerging stars such as Sebastian Croft, Kit Connor, Yasmin Finney, Joseph Balderrama, and Rhea Norwood, to mention a few.

The cast also includes Rhea Norwood and Kit Connor. In a similar vein, even though Joe has just recently achieved success in his profession, he has long been considered one of the most foreseeably talented performers.

Joe Locke
Joe Locke

Joe, like many others, comes from a loving and supportive family, and he routinely uploads photos of himself and his loved ones, notably his mother. As a consequence of his success in his personal and professional life, Locke's love life is regularly inquired about by the general public. Let's take a quick look at Joe Locke's dating history and current relationship.

Is Joe Locke Gay?

Joe Locke
Joe Locke

Joe Locke is a very vocal individual when discussing one of the most sensitive topics in today's culture, that of LGBTQ+ identity and expression. In the same way, Joe advocates for LGBTQ youngsters in an interview with Attitude magazine in April of 2022, and his character Charlie in Heartstopper, who played the on-screen lover of Kit Connor and was the subject of homophobic bullying, is an excellent example of this.

To be more specific, Locke stated that the media's portrayal of LGBTQ storylines is inaccurate and that those who belong to the same group deserve to be happily ever after. He continued by stating that everyone has the right to be happy, regardless of their identity or sexual orientation.

As a bonus, Joe is a quiet and geeky student who happens to be the only openly homosexual student at an all-boys grammar school in Alice Oseman's graphic novel-based series, Heartstopper.

Still, the actor has not spoken publicly about his sexuality in real life, making it impossible to determine whether Joe is gay in real life. Joe Locke's relationship status is also unknown; however, his followers believe he is dating Sebastian Croft, who is also unknown. No information is available on Locke's previous girlfriend or relationships, assuming he has ever had any.

Who Is Joe Locke’s Partner?

Joe Locke
Joe Locke

The tremendous amount of attention that celebrities receive due to their celebrity status can be overwhelming for them at times, which is why Joe Locke, like many others, does not discuss his dating life in public.

Despite this, speculations say that Joe is now involved in a romantic relationship with Sebastian Croft, a fellow actor from the film Heartstopper. In the beginning, the suspicions began to circulate after viewers of the show saw that Sebastian and Joe appeared to be particularly close and shared more images with one other than their other co-stars.

Even though the fragments of evidence indicate that the couple is most likely dating in real life, neither of the actors confirms their relationship with the other. Not to mention the fact that the duo was previously seen wearing matching red-white coats and seeming to be rather affectionate.

Additionally, it's worth noting that the rainbow emoji appears on both Sebastian and Joe's Instagram pages, representing the LGBTQ+ community or is most likely just a method of showing support.

How Much Is Actor Joe Locke’s Net Worth?

Joe Locke
Joe Locke

According to reports, the actor Joe Locke has a net worth of less than $100,000 as of April 2022.

Because he is a novice, it is also unknown what he will be paid for each episode of Heartstopper. However, it has been reported that Netflix pays TV show performers between $20K and $30K per episode during the first season of a TV program.

In the interim, you should be aware that Joe was chosen for the character of Charlie in the series from among 10000 other eligible performers. In addition, he had only played on stage once before, as part of National Theatre Connections in 2020, before his big-screen debut.

Joe Locke Parents

Joe Locke
Joe Locke

When talking about his early life and career, actor Joe Locke made a special note of his mother, Helen Locke. While growing up, Joe had a strong interest in performing and dramatic productions.

As a result, he constantly served in local amateur theater. And at one point, his mother compelled him to enroll in five separate acting classes simultaneously. In reflecting on all of this, he related what his mother had told him: “Joe, I need you to select only one or two things since you have no spare time!”

Then, when Joe reached 16, it was his mother who suggested that he speak with talent management about his situation. He had been in communication with Markham, Froggatt & Irwin in London, and as a result, Richard Gibb was appointed as his legal representative in the case.

In any case, Joe's parents appear to have divorced since his mother is now married to Stephen Campbell; Joe also seems to have a stepbrother named Dylan Goldie, who is also a musician.

Joe's grandparents, Peter and Sandra Locke of Onchan, Isle of Man, would have to be the only other members of his family that are still alive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Joe Locke Height

According to a tweet from Kit Connor, Joe Locke stood at 5 feet 9 inches tall at his death. Upon closer inspection, Kit discovered that Joe was a few inches shorter than his Kit, who stands at 5 feet 11 inches.

What Is Actor Joe Locke's Ethnicity?

Joe Locke was born to his parents in the Isle of Man, which happens to be a self-governing British Crown dependent on the Irish Sea between England and Ireland and the birthplace of his character Joe Locke. As for his heritage, he was born into a family of White British ancestors through his parents.

When Is Actor Joe Locke's Birthday?

Joe Locke's birthday is on September 24th, which is a Friday. And the zodiac sign of Libra rules over those born on this day.

Is Actor Joe Locke On Instagram?

Indeed! Joe Locke, an actor, could be discovered on Instagram, where he went by the handle @joelocke03 and had 21 posts and 369K followers as of April 23, 2022. Joe also keeps his admirers up to date on TikTok @joelocke03 (104.5K followers) and Twitter @joelocke03, where he has 104.5K followers (59.8K followers).

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