Joe Francis Net Worth 2022: Are Joe Francis and Abby Still Together?

As a film producer and entrepreneur, Joseph Francis (born April 1, 1973) is best known for creating the Girls Gone Wild entertainment brand. Before releasing the direct-to-video feature Banned from Television in 1998, Francis worked as a production assistant on the syndicated show Real TV.

Assaulting a witness, dissuading a witness, bribery, false imprisonment, assault inflicting grave bodily damage, and record-keeping infractions have all been a part of Francis’ past.

Early Life

On April 1st, 1973, Joseph R. Francis was born in Los Angeles, California. While growing up in California, he attended a number of boarding schools before deciding to pursue a degree in cinema and television at the University of Southern California, where he received his Bachelor’s in 1995.



Joe Francis Net Worth

For Real TV, Joe Francis was a production assistant. Francis came up with the first idea for Banned from Television while working on the show. From Genuine TV, Joe Francis licensed footage that he then used to produce videos under the Banned from Television brand that featured real tragic accidents and other disturbing images.

After a while, Joe Francis found this work to be upsetting, so he turned his attention to Girls Gone Wild, a new endeavor. The Girls Gone Wild videos, which debuted in 1997, featured young women in college displaying their bodies and behaving erratically.

Francis’ videos were a huge hit, and he made over $20 million in the first two years. During the course of its existence, the corporation produced hundreds of millions of dollars in income thanks to its relentless stream of late-night infomercials.

Joe Francis’s Net Worth

Joe Francis Net Worth

Joe Francis is a multimillionaire American businessman and film producer. A decade of legal and financial turbulence has made it impossible to accurately estimate Joe’s net worth. Exiled in Mexico since 2015, he has been unable to return home.

A slew of lawsuits and judgments against him allegedly prompted him to flee the United States. Later in this post, we’ll go into much more depth about these cases and judgments. In Punta Mita, Mexico, about ten miles north of Puerto Vallarta, he has a custom-built 40,000-square-foot estate called Casa Aramara.

His $10-15 million Mexican house is frequently rented out for $35,000 per NIGHT at an estimated value of $10-15 million!

For Girls Gone Wild, Banned From Television, and other films and television programs, Francis is best known. Joe Francis has been the target of several controversies outside of his work in the film industry. Excessive gambling, defamation, tax evasion, and bribery are a few of his claimed transgressions.

Aside from that, allegations of child abuse and pornography have been dropped against him. Before relocating to Mexico, Francis was involved in a number of high-profile judicial challenges. This means that Joe Francis might remain in Mexico for the foreseeable future, as the two countries do not have an extradition agreement in place for civil contempt warrants.

Girls Gone Wild Bankruptcy

The parent business of the Girls Gone Wild brand, GGW Brands, declared bankruptcy in February 2013. In order to prevent Steve Wynn from taking the company’s assets, Joe started this step.

An event in 2011 led to charges against Joe Francis, including assault, false detention, and persuading a witness to testify against him. Francis is suspected of bringing three young women to his house by force after he met them at a bar.

Francis allegedly punched the girls and ejected one of them from his home before instructing her not to contact the cops (dissuading a witness). Francis was sentenced to 270 days in prison in 2013 after he was found guilty of various offenses and convicted.

It was reported in 2007 that Joe Francis had claimed roughly $20 million in bogus tax deductions between 2002 and 2003, leading to his arrest on charges of tax evasion. His tax evasion and bribery allegations were dropped in 2009, and he paid $250,000 in reparation to the IRS.


Joe Francis Net Worth

Abbey Wilson, who appeared in the Girls Gone Wild films, went on to date Francis for many years. After her iPad was taken in 2013, sex videos of Wilson and Francis were said to be on it. Through in vitro fertilization, Abbey Wilson gave birth to twin twins in 2014.

Joe stated he hadn’t seen his girls in over a week in December of 2021. Media reports claim that Abbey had been defying court orders not to let Joe see their twin girls and that the family had been indifferent to his requests.

Amber alerts and abduction charges were apparently close to being filed at one time. Abby’s lawyer stated that his client had complete temporary custody of the twins.

Real Estate

Casa Aramara, a 40,000-square-foot mansion in Mexico, was supposedly Joe’s source of income when his firm went bankrupt. The value of this property is between $10 and $15 million.

Many famous people and other well-to-do people go to Casa Aramara for their vacations and other special occasions. A night at this luxury hotel may set you back as much as $35,000 per person.

Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria, Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston, and Ashton Kutcher have all leased Joe’s house in the past. December 2012 saw Mario Lopez wed at the resort-style residence. In June 2014, Kim and Kanye spent their honeymoon at the resort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Joe Francis and Abby Still Together?

It’s not clear why Joe Francis and Abbey Wilson broke up. In July 2021, Wilson said that her ex-boyfriend was a drug user and an abusive person. Francis told Page Six in 2021 that his ex-girlfriend “just continues making up things and lying and lying.”

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