Jinx Chapter 22 Spoilers, Release Date, Recap and Where To Read!

Following the story of Kim Dan, a naive doctor, who falls for Jaekyung, a mysterious and deadly man who claims to be his guardian angel, Jinx is a popular Mingwa webtoon. Drama, passion, and mystery abound in the webtoon as Kim Dan investigates Jaekyung and himself for hidden truths.

The compelling story and stunning visuals of Jinx have won over fans, who are eagerly awaiting the sequel. In this article, we will provide you with information regarding Jinx Chapter 22, including its release date, summary, spoilers, and online accessibility.

What Is Jinx All About?

Physical therapist Kim Dan has had nothing but a poor fortune in his entire life. Dan has done everything he can think of to deal with his grandmother's condition, the loan sharks that threaten her, and his disagreeable former supervisor, and he has run out of options.

The request for therapy the night before a $5,000 battle with famed MMA fighter Joo Jaekyung was like a dream come true. A “jinx” has him, he says, and the only way to break it is with a certain “therapy,” but Dan isn't quite ready to give it to him.

Dan isn't convinced he can take Jaekyung at his most ferocious, which only happens in the bedroom and not in the ring.

Jinx Chapter 22 Release Date: When To Expect It?

On May 12th, 2023, Jinx Chapter 22 will be made available. That's if the webtoon keeps to its stated publication schedule without any interruptions. This date, however, is subject to change based on the author's circumstances and the platform's policies.

Jinx Chapter 21 Recap

In Chapter 21, Kim Dan receives a call from an unknown number; the caller claims to know where his grandmother is and wants to talk to him. He raced to the caller only to discover it was a trap set by Jaekyung, who had kidnapped his grandmother and threatened to hurt her if he did not agree to her kidnapping.

Jinx Chapter 22 Spoilers

It was only when he caved to Jaekyung's demands that he was able to free his grandma. After that, Jaekyung abducted Kim Dan, took him to a hotel room, and threatened to kill Kim Dan's grandmother unless he had sex with him. There was no way out for Kim Dan.

Kim Dan was shocked and confused, but he knew he had to follow orders. He thought about Jaekyung's motives and the circumstances that led up to his conduct. Meanwhile, Jaekyung seemed to enjoy torturing Kim Dan by revealing that he, too, had a scar on his chest that matched Kim Dan's birthmark.

He also seemed to know something about Kim Dan's past that Kim Dan had long since forgotten. The chapter ends with Jaekyung telling Kim Dan that he is looking out for Kim Dan's best interests and that he is his guardian angel.

Jinx Chapter 22 Spoilers Prediction

The arrival of Jing Yue, whom Yan Min-shixiong had persuaded to join the Civilian group, was eagerly awaited by Liang Yuan and the others. The rejection from Jing Yue angered and irritated Liang Yuan.

Everyone in the dorm had an opinion on Jing Shan, who had angered two groups and would now have trouble cultivating in the future. Although Liang Yuan has faith in him, he offended two groups, which will make it difficult for him to cultivate in the future.

In Frore City, a challenge has been issued between the Mauve Aurora Sect and the Frostcloud Sect. The antagonists are well-known cultivators on the Flying Immortal List with a Foundation Establishment cultivation base at the Absolute level.

At the Jubilee Restaurant, where Shi Nian and Liang Yuan have finally arrived, they are greeted by a large group of their sect's followers. When they finally enter the martial arts arena, it is already quite crowded.

At the Jubilee Restaurant, where Shi Nian brings his friends, they run into many other followers of their religion. Jing Shan went up to a table where a young woman was sitting alone and politely requested if they might switch places.

A fat bird swooped down and presented a nut to the lady. The lady agreed, and the blue phoenix alighted on her shoulder, stroking the fur on her neck in its trademark manner. After thanking her, Jing Yue explained that it was just a pheasant in the wild.

After everyone was seated, Lu Yuan of Ministone Gate in Credence City and Jing Yue of Frostcloud Sect entered the arena. There was a battle between Wei Li of the Mauve Aurora Sect and Wang of the Frostcloud Sect.

Jinx Chapter 22 Spoilers

Wang Ye and Wei Li, who are fighting alongside Jing Yue and Yu Xiaobao, respectively have two spiritual roots. Liang Yuan and Yu Xiaobao are placing bets on the match, with Wang Ye getting odds of one to two and Wei Li getting odds of one to eight.

Someone in the hall, however, shocks Liang Yuan by announcing that Wang Ye has been hurt. His neck snaps as he abruptly spins around. During a martial arts match between the Mauve Aurora Sect and the Frostcloud Sect, Wang Ye was seriously injured.

While Liang Yuan glared angrily at him, Jing Yue crushed a walnut in his hand and spoke calmly. After waiting for two hours, Liang Yuan pounded on the table and glared at Jing Yue.

All major gambling dens went bankrupt after the Frostcloud Sect lost all three matches, Lian Chenzi fell from the top of the Foundation Establishment rankings, and the Mauve Aurora Sect won the race.

Jing Yue maintained his composure and steadfast faith that the Frostcloud Sect would not fall. Jing Yue made an effort to calm down Liang Yuan, who was about to collapse from fury. Flapping its wings, the blue phoenix flew back to Jing Yue's brain. Jing Yue wished the Frostcloud Sect's reputation would recover on its own.

Where to Read Jinx Chapter 22 Online?

Jinx is a fascinating manhwa that has won the hearts of its fans with its unique plot and likable protagonists. Going to lezhin.com is your best bet if you want to read this exciting manhwa. Fans of manga will love this website because of the wide variety of comics it provides.

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