Are You Ready? Jinx Chapter 20 Release Date Confirmed!

Mingwa is currently working on the next chapter of his manhwa, Jinx. It was first published in 2022 by Lezhin, which also offers an English edition. A new chapter is released every ten days after the previous one.

The show’s original plot, compelling characters, and stunning visuals have earned it devoted viewers all over the globe. As the series progresses, viewers can’t wait for the next installment, Jinx Chapter 20.

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What Is Jinx All About?

For as long as he can remember, physical therapist Kim Dan has had nothing but terrible luck. Dan has exhausted all of his options in dealing with his ailing grandmother, the loansharks that threaten her, and his antagonistic ex-supervisor.

When he is finally hired to treat highly rewarded mixed martial arts fighter Joo Jaekyung, the request for therapy the night before a $5,000 fight comes as a dream come true. He claims to be under a “jinx” that can only be lifted with a certain “therapy,” but Dan isn't quite prepared to give it to him.

The only place Jaekyung is more cruel than in the ring is in the bedroom, and Dan isn't sure he can take Jaekyung at his most feral.

Jinx Chapter 20 Release Date

The 19th chapter of Jinx was the last one to come out on April 12, 2023. It was thrilling to watch Jin square up against his nemesis Kang Min-woo, who possesses the same ability to alter one's fortune.

The chapter ended on a cliffhanger as Kang revealed his true intentions to Jin and prepared for a final assault. Exactly how long will it be until the next Jinx installment? On the 12th, 22nd, and 2nd of every month, new Jinx chapters are released to Lezin Comics.

The release date of Jinx Chapter 20 is set for April 22, 2023. However, that number may shift based on the author's workload.

Let's Take A Glance at the Recap of Jinx Chapter 19

We've seen how he's adjusting to his new life as a doctor in Chapter 19 of Jinx, as he gets ready for work. The excellent MMA fighter who attacked him a few hours ago has messed with his head.

However, he is aware of the other man's intentions. And he'll be free to flee the other antagonist. He can never become too comfortable with Jaekyung, as he is her property. The days ahead will be challenging, but he must maintain his will firm if he is to break free from his shackles.

Jinx Chapter 20 Release Date

This is a remark that has nothing to do with the spirit of BL. The same author penned both this and the Manager Kim series. Kim may go to the gym with Jaekyung without worrying about repercussions at work.

On the other side, he can feel depressed about himself if he thinks he'll have to go back to him to sort out the issues. Kim Dan's mind and life become increasingly disordered as the plot progresses.

When the MMA fighter claimed he eats him for breakfast, Kim finally got it. When Jaekyung observed Kim's submission, she felt better. This renewed her optimism. Kim had an epiphany and realized that Jaeyung benefits from all of this generosity.

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Jinx Chapter 20 Spoilers

To make sure no one is watching, Yahya and Hunter do a few rounds, but they still have to think they're going to win. Hunter wraps his arm around Yahya's waist and kisses her. His breath tickles her, and he uses his palms to undo all the buttons on her shirt.

She swivel around to meet his lips squarely, and they get as close as humanly can. Although they deepen their kiss, their clothes still keep them apart. His pants are low enough for her to reach the waistband and undo the button.

Both Hunter and Arianna have never known love, and as a result, they are broken. Arianna marries Zach Price, a billionaire, to preserve her family, but she doesn't expect to fall in love with a guy who would always consider her second best.

Readers over the age of 16 are advised to pick up this book. The story's central elements are the two cruel guards who let the Jinns inside the courtroom and the Queen's encounter with them.

The Jinns use a haqiqatan (truth) incantation to prove that the Queen is expecting. The Queen reveals that her centuries-long relationship with the Jinns has been a lie. Marid is grabbed by the collar by Zunair, one of the door guards, and slung across the carpet.

Jinx Chapter 20 Release Date

The best of the Queen's servants tells Marid he is expecting a child and that if he says anything else, he will be slain because it would violate a blood agreement between the two Jinnaats.

Marid begs the Queen to leave him alone, but her anger is unimaginable, and he has been reduced to nothing more than a shell of his former self. Marid is a shattered warrior with too much experience, and the Queen has ordered Zunair to kill him.

Zunair takes out a frozen diamond spike, which he drives through his back, ribcage, and into his heart, effectively stopping its beating. For the first time in weeks, the Queen brightens as she gives Yahya orders to fix the problem. Yahya smiles, bows, and leaves.

Where You Can Read Jinx Chapter 20 Online?

Jinx is a fascinating manhwa with a compelling plot and endearing characters. is the ideal location to go if you want to read this fascinating manhwa. Because it hosts manga from so many different categories, this website is fantastic for readers of manhwa. Here you can look up Jinx quickly and read a sample chapter for free.

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