Inside Neflix Documentary’s Jimmy Savile Net Worth | All Details You Missed!

He has a lot of money. How do you feel about this? Let's look into his past to learn more about this man and how he made so much money. First, Sir James Wilson Vincent Savile, better known by his stage name, Jimmy Savile, was a well-known English radio and TV personality and a big fundraiser.

As a child, he was a British pop singer. He started spinning records, ran dance clubs, and worked on radio and TV. After almost 15 years as the host of the “BBC” show “Jim'll Fix It,” he became well-known.

Born: October 31, 1926, Leeds, United Kingdom
Died: October 29, 2011, Roundhay, Leeds, United Kingdom
November 9, 2011, Woodlands Cemetery, United Kingdom
Full name: James Wilson Vincent Savile
John Savile, Marjory Savile, Christina Savile, Joan Savile, Mary Savile, Vincent Savile
Height: 5′ 9″
Order of the British Empire, NME Award for British Disc Jockey, NME Award for Best Club DJ
Net Worth $10 million


jimmy savile net worth

Jimmy gave people, primarily young people, on the show the chance to have their dreams come true. That was a clear example of how he cared about people.

As a philanthropist, he participated in many fundraisers and charity concerts. In 1971, he was given the “OBE” for his work. In 1990, he was made a knight for his work in improving people's lives. Many sexual assault charges were filed against him soon after his death.

At the time of his death, people were happy with his fundraising efforts. The authorities looked into those charges. They called him a “predatory sex offender” who allegedly molested more than 500 people between 1955 and 2009. Most of them were children and young women.

What Was Jimmy Savile's Net Worth Before Death?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jimmy had a $10 million net worth at the time of his passing. He had a lengthy career as a media figure, television presenter, and DJ, which is why he was so wealthy.

The two most prominent programs he appeared in at the start of his career were Top of the Pops, and Jim'll Fix It on BBC. Jimmy worked as a DJ at Radio Luxembourg in 1958 before joining BBC.

Jimmy Savile Career Highlights

Jimmy Savile became a DJ after he played music at dance halls and clubs. In the next job, he worked as a manager at Manchester's “Plaza Ballroom” on Oxford Roty.

In the late 1950s, he also ran the ‘Mecca Locarno Ball Room' and the ‘Palais Dance Hall.' It was also in 1951 that he took part in the “Tour of Britain” cycle race and tried out for the wrestling business. At Radio Luxembourg in 1958, Savile was a disc jockey who played music.

As early as 1960, Savile could be seen on Tyne Tees TV, where he gained a reputation for being odd and striking.

It was in 1964 when he worked for the BBC. He hosted the first episode of Top of the Pops. His show Jim'll Fix It began airing on BBC Radio 1 four years later. Even though he was known for raising money for many different causes, he was one of Britain's most prolific sexual offenders.

Hundreds of child sex abuse and rape accusations came out a year after his death, and many were false.

jimmy savile net worth

Jimmy Savile's Full History

TV show host Jimmy Savile was born in the United Kingdom on October 31, 192m. He is very well-known for his work on TV shows.

When he was on the BBC, Jim'll Fix It, he was known for being very eccentric and flamboyant.

In 1971, he was given the OBE for his work with charities, so he got it then. Astrologers say that Jimmy Savile's sign is Scorpio.

His parents, Vincent Joseph Marie Savile and Agnes Monica Savile raised him as a Roman Catholic, along with his six older siblings, who were also Roman Catholic.

Race; Religion; and Political Views

Many people want to know Savile's ethnicity, nationality, ancestry, and race, but they don't know. Let's see what it is! Neither IMDb nor Wikipediasaysy what Jimmy Savile is from.T his article will tell you more about Jimmy Savile's religion and politics. When a few days have passed, please reread the post.

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People Who Date Jimmy Savile 

According to our records, Jimmy Savile may be single and hasn't been in a relationship. He hasn't been dating anyone as of December 2021.

jimmy savile net worth

Our records show that Jimmy Savile has never had a relationship with anyone else before . You can do that if you want to help us build Jimmy Savile's dating record!

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There are a Lot of Things to Know About Jimmy Savile

When Jimmy Savile died in 2011, he had a fortune of $10 million. He was an English DJ, TV host, media personality, and charity fundraiser.

  • Jim'll Fix It and Top of the Pops are two popular BBC shows. He rose to fame as the host of both of them.
  • His job as a DJ used to be his primary source of income. Also, he has made a lot of money as a TV and radio star.
  • When Savile started working, it was 1958, and he kept up with the work until he died. Jimmy worked at “Stoke Mandeville Hospital” for a long time.

The “Spinal Unit” and “the St. Francis Ward” had a lot of fundraisers during his time there. He helped out with a lot of these fundraisers.

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Jimmy Savile's Estate was Taken Over by Who?

His estate was worth £3.3 million after he took out the costs. He left a small amount of money to a few close friends and family members in his will.

  • The Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust, which Savitrust'sup in 1985, got a lot of money from his estate.
  • ITV aired an atrust'sntary about Savile's crimes 11 months after his death. One of the trust's main goals was to help poor people and give money to charities. The trust's balance was £3.6 million at the show's time.
  • There were still some funds left in the company when it closeSavile'sn 2017. They were given to several charities—some of Savile's victims were werSavile's1.15 million from his own money.

People said that most of Savile's money went to law firms that worked for people who were suing him and were part of the Savile settlement process. This was thought to cost £2.5 million.