Jimmy Kimmel Live Review: Was He Roasted For ‘Getting Covid Again’?

Jimmy Kimmel Live Review: POOP jimmy Kimmel and his show, he's the most unfunny person on the earth, honestly, he's useless, and he forces people to perform stunts for money!!!

That's incredibly awful, and the fact that he made someone get beaten up and you profit from it irritates me JIMMY!!!!!

I hope you see this review because it will show you what a cruel and selfish person you are, and I hope your show is canceled for now.

Jimmy Kimmel is the polar opposite of all of the above.

He's a man who associates himself with amusing things and people, and they get associated with him in some way.

Then he went political, and he's not even fluent or intellectual enough to persuade anyone of anything they might agree on.

Mean Tweets and Guillermo are two of my favorite people on his show, but there are more. The Eric Andre Show is worth seeing.

John and Andy Roast Jimmy Kimmel for ‘Getting COVID Again'

After testing positive for COVID-19 earlier this month, Jimmy Kimmel invited his buddy and fellow comic Mike Birbiglia to guest host his late-night program.

Jimmy Kimmel Live Review

It has happened again since returning to the show last week.

Rather than just being guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Saturday Night Live alums—and co-stars in Disney+‘s upcoming Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers reboot—put on a show on Wednesday night.

After Jimmy Kimmel got COVID again, John Mulaney and Andy Samberg stepped up as last-minute guest hosts.

Mulaney joked at the start of their introductory segment, “Thank you so much, it is a pleasure and a favor to be here.”

“I suppose we should explain why we're hosting tonight,” says the host. Remember how Jimmy claimed he didn't have COVID before revealing that he did? He was correct both times.”

“That's correct… For the second time in three weeks, Jimmy has contracted COVID,” Samberg remarked.

“And we're thinking the show's name should be changed to ‘Jimmy Kimmel… Alive.'”

” “It's only a joke,” he deadpanned as that statement was met with cautious laughter.

Later, the pair explained that they couldn't fit into their old outfits “after the whole epidemic and quitting cocaine thing,” a reference to Mulaney's rehab trip, because they were made completely of Jimmy Kimmel Live! merchandise.

They were announcing their departure from late-night TV at the end of their duo monologue, because “we didn't want Corden to have all of the action,” as Samberg put it.

“Look, we know this is our last show, but we don't want to get too emotional and ruin it by crying during the monologue.”

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Mulaney said, “That's Jimmy's territory.” “But, to be fair to him, there's a long tradition of that late at night.” Johnny Carson used to cry like a child when he came out.”

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