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Michael Ende's Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver (German: Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivführer) is a children's novel.

Emma, the steam locomotive, her driver Luke (Lukas), and the young accomplice Jim Button (Jim Knopf) are the main characters who embark on an adventure together. The plot begins and ends on the fictional island of Morrowland ((Summerland).).

The novel was released in 1960 and won the German Young Literature Prize in 1961. It is one of the postwar period's most popular German-language children's books. The success resulted in thirty-four translations and the sequel Jim Button and the Wild 13. (Jim Knopf und die Wilde 13).

Jim Button Luke Plot

The story begins on a tiny island called Morrowland (original German: Summerland, a play on Nimmerland [de], the German translation of Neverland), which has just enough room for a small palace, a train station, and rails all around the island, a grocery store, a small house, a king, two subjects, an Emma locomotive, and a Luke (Lukas) locomotive engineer (who, as railway civil servant, is not a subject).

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The postman must travel by ship and drops off a package with a nearly illegible address for Mrs. Krintuuth at Zorroulend one day. A large 13 was written on the back.

After a fruitless search for the addressee among Morrowland's few inhabitants, they open the package. There's a black baby inside, much to their surprise. After the commotion has subsided, the islanders adopt the baby and name him Jim Button.

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As Jim grows older, the King becomes concerned that the island will be too small for him to live on as an adult. He informs Luke that Emma must be removed.

Jim Button: is the Popular Children's Book, Racist?

This is the story of Jim Button, a tiny baby in a postal package who arrives on the island of Morrowland one day.

Morrowland's King eventually decides that his island is too small for all of the residents, so Jim, now an adolescent, his best friend Luke, an engine driver, and the locomotive Emma set off to the mythical land of Mandala to rescue a princess.

Michael Ende's 1960 book, Jim Button and Luke, the Engine Driver, has captivated adults and children. Jim Button and the Wild 13 was published two years after its initial German publication.

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The books have been translated into 33 languages, including Arabic, Estonian, Japanese, Hebrew, and Chinese.

It has sold approximately 5.5 million copies worldwide, making it a success. Ende later rose to prominence with his books Momo and The NeverEnding Story.

‘Jim Button and the Wild 13,' a $24 Million Adventure Film Multiple Territories

Global Screen, based in Munich, has closed several deals for its live-action family adventure “Jim Button and the Wild 13.”

With a budget of more than $24 million, the adaptation of Michael Ende's best-selling novel, which has been translated into 25 languages, is one of the most expensive feature films in German cinema history.

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Global Screen, a division of Telepool, has sold the film to France (Megalys Productions), the Middle East (Salim Ramio), the CIS/Russia (Voxel), Hungary (ADS), Spain (Twelve Oaks), and Portugal (NOS Lusomundo), as well as a global airline deal with Eagle.

North America and Latin America have made offers, and other territories have expressed strong interest in the film.

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Jim Button Luke Trailer

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