Jewish Matchmaking Season 2: Will It Get a New Season?

If you're looking for something exciting to watch on Netflix over the Labor Day weekend, your search is over. The new Netflix original series Jewish Matchmaking centers on dating and relationships within the Jewish community.

The show's premise is similar to that of Indian Matchmaking, which debuted in July 2020 but focused on arranged marriages between Indians living in the United States and India. There's clearly a tremendous demand for dating reality shows because Indian Matchmaking just returned for a third season.

As the saying goes, “Love is in the air.” Is there any news on when the second season of Jewish Matchmaking will premiere? What we do know is as follows.

What is Jewish Matchmaking About?

We assume that the name gives something away. The Netflix series essentially tracks the love-seeking exploits of Jewish individuals across the United States and Israel, under the watchful eye of matchmaker Aleeza Ben Shalom.

“Jewish Matchmaking depicts the universal search for true love,” executive producer Aaron Saidman told People. The trip that unfolds in front of our cameras is hilarious, touching, and completely unpredictable.

Jewish Matchmaking Season 2

In Indian Matchmaking, we also modernize an old custom by writing about it. In certain cases, two single people will have apparent chemistry, and in others, it will be awkward… and hilarious.

Is a Second Season of Jewish Matchmaking on the Way?

No, not at this time. Fans are eager for additional episodes, and Indian Matchmaking's success across three seasons suggests Netflix may order more episodes. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

Who Would Be in the Cast for Jewish Matchmaking Season 2?

It's likely that Aleeza will play Matchmaker again. Dani Bergman, Harmonie Krieger, Ori Basly, Noah Del Monte, Noah Dreyfuss, Fay Brezel, Stuart Chaseman, Cindy Seni, and Nakysha Osadchey are all names that could be brought back for season two.

There has been no official word on whether or not the program would return for a second season, but if it does, it could have an entirely new cast. Maybe. Maybe not.

‘Jewish Matchmaking’ Could Continue the Stories of Its Singles in Season 2

Despite the lack of a formal renewal announcement, it is evident from the events of Season 1 that the authors of Jewish Matchmaking have every intention of making Season 2. Every character we followed has an unresolved arc.

It appeared like Ori's date with Karin went well, yet we never saw them together again. Harmonie and Ben went on a fantastic date, but nothing came of it. The same holds true for Nakysha and Evan, as well as Noah and Tav.

Pamela and Stuart's date also apparently ended happily, albeit we don't know why. And doesn't the whole point of the show be to get people “to the chuppah”? The weddings must take place! That's something Season 2 should address.

During our exclusive interview with Pamela, she said, “I'm just as excited to find out as you are.” Pamela was unable to comment on her connection with Stuart, but she did add that she would welcome the chance to work with Aleeza again if presented with the chance.

Jewish Matchmaking Season 2

In a prospective second season, viewers would get to see more of the daters, like Pamela or Shaun, embark on their journeys with Aleeza, as well as the continuation of some of the relationships from the first season.

As Pamela explained, “I just really love this beautiful thing of there's no one way to be Jewish.” This is one of the many reasons why Jewish Matchmaking is so special to her. Each of us has a unique background.

And I appreciate it when different kinds of people are shown on film. And I can't wait to see what my journey was like in retrospect. Now, all we want is for the singles to get married, start families, and have bright futures in Season 2.

But it's up to us to spread the word so that Netflix renews the series for a second season and more people watch it.

Is There a Trailer for Season Two of Jewish Matchmaking?

Unfortunately, Netflix has not yet committed to producing a second season. However, if any new information becomes available, we will post it here. Jewish Matchmaking Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.

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