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A Look Into Jewel Staite Net Worth ($1 Million) and All You Need to Know!

In this article, we are going to talk about some fascinating details about the life of Canadian actress Jewel Staite. Some of the topics we are going to cover are her age, height, weight, relationship status, family, and net worth.

Therefore, continue reading the entire article till the very conclusion to obtain any further information. According to the website celebritynetworth.com, Jewel Staite possesses a net worth of $1 million dollars.

Who is Jewel Staite?

Jewel Belair Staite is a famous Canadian actress. She is best recognized for her portrayals of Kaylee Frye on Fox's Firefly (2002–2003) and in the film adaptation of the same name (Serenity, 2005) and Jennifer Keller on Sci-Fi Channel's Stargate Atlantis (2007–2009).

For example, Staite played Catalina in Space Cases (1996), “Becca” Fisher in Flash Forward (1996–1997), Raquel Westbrook in The L.A. Complex (2012), a Canadian thriller, and Caroline Swift in The Killing (2011–present), a crime drama on AMC (2013–2014).

Name Jewel Staite
Jewel Belair Staite
Gender Female
Date of Birth 2-Jun-1982
Age in 2022 40
Birth Place
White Rock, British Columbia, Canada
Country Canada
Nationality Canadian
Height 1.68 (m)
Weight Unknown (KGs)
Canadian Actress
Net Worth $1 Million

Jewel Staite Biography/Wiki

Canadian-born actress Jewel Staite made her debut on screen on June 2, 1982. Starred with Gina Torres as Kaylee in the sci-fi show Firefly. From 2007 to 2009, she also starred in a significant role on Stargate Atlantis. Jewel Staite's horoscope indicates that she is a Gemini.

Canadian actress Jewel Belair Staite was born on June 2, 1982. She is most known for her portrayals of Kaylee Frye on Fox's Firefly (2002-2003) and in the film adaptation of the same name (Serenity, 2005) and Jennifer Keller on Sci-Fi Channel's Stargate Atlantis (2000-present) (2007–2009).

jewel staite net worth

In addition to her role as Catalina in Space Cases (1996), Staite has starred as “Becca” Fisher in Flash Forward (1996–1997), Raquel Westbrook in the Canadian drama The L.A. Complex (2012), and Caroline Swift in AMC's crime thriller The Killing (2013–present) (2013–2014).

Her 2003 wedding to Matthew Kevin Anderson ended in divorce two years later. She and her fiance Charlie Ritchie had a kid they named Wilder in 2015. As of July 23, 2016, she is Mrs. Ritchie.

Staite began her career when she was a child, appearing in TV movies including 1993's CBC's Liar, Liar (which was also rebroadcast in the United States on CBS) and 1993's ABC's The Only Way Out. The X-Files episode “Oubliette,” from the third season, featured Staite prominently as a guest star in 1995.

What is the Net Worth of Jewel Staite?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jewel has a net worth of approximately one million dollars as of the year 2022. Jewel, much like every other actor, derives the majority of his income from his job as an actor.

When you take into account the fact that she began working in the sector at a very tender age, it is reasonable to assume that she demands a significant amount of money for her services.

In a similar manner, he has also worked as a model, which is an additional source of revenue for her.

Jewel Staite's Personal Life: Who is She Married to?

Between the years 2003 and 2011, Staite was married to the actor Matt Anderson. She announced her engagement to her long-term lover Charlie Ritchie in May of 2015.

jewel staite net worth

In the later part of the same month, she shared the news that she was expecting her first child, a son. She made the announcement on December 9, 2015, that she had given birth to her son Wilder Cathcart Ritchie. The wedding took place on July 23, 2016, between her and Charlie Ritchie.

Jewel Staite Trivia

Jewel's lower back is covered in a bright unicorn tattoo. She posts photos of her daily life, including meals, her dog, her son, and her spouse, on Instagram. She's got over 125,000 followers and around 1700 posts. “Every time I hear the word Instagram, I think of teddy grammes and then I'm hungry,” she writes about herself.

She's much more of a Twitter user, with over 300,000 followers and over 5,500 tweets to her name. She signed up in April of 2009 and has since posted nearly 600 photos and videos, many of which are memes (of which we are confident you are all avid fans).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Jewel Staite These Days?

Family Law, a forthcoming Canadian drama about an alcoholic lawyer (Jewel Staite) who must negotiate with estranged family members, has Jewel as the series protagonist for now.

In Stargate Atlantis, Jewel Staite Was How Old?

40 years

When Did Jewel Staite Become a Part of Atlantis?

Before removing the prosthetics and making her comeback for Seasons 4 and 5 as the expedition's top medical officer, Jennifer Keller, she made her Stargate Atlantis debut in 2005 as the Wraith infant Ellia.


Even though Jewel Staite has been working in the entertainment industry for a long time, some say she hasn't yet achieved mainstream success. She may have not yet been involved in major projects, which could explain this.

However, this in no way takes away from the fact that she has been a huge success as an actress. Jewel is well-established as a credible performer, having appeared in more than 50 TV and film productions. And I have no doubt that she will continue to do great things.

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