90 Day Fiancé: Are Jenny and Sumit Still Together? Let’s Get The Details!

Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh appeared together on 90 Days, but are they still a couple? When Jenny found out Sumit was married to another lady in an arranged marriage put up by his parents, but he actually wanted to be with Jenny, it was one of the most stunning turns in the history of the franchise and caused a lot of drama in season 1 of The Other Way.

Returning for a second season, the starstruck couple from across the globe was more determined than ever to win the battle for their love and the chance to be together than anything that had come before.

Their relationship hit a wall in season 3 when Sumit began to have second thoughts about proposing to Jenny. It was a relief for the couple to get married behind closed doors, but the real work of marriage had just begun. In this article, we will read about “Are Jenny and Sumit Still Together?”

Jenny and Sumit’s 90-Day Fiance Journey

Sumit initially “met” Jenny online while posing as English model Michael Jones. When things between Sumit and Jenny became more serious, he decided to stop playing. Jenny, in an odd turn of events, did not appear to mind the catfish and instead confessed to Sumit that she had developed feelings for him as a person.

After they started dating, Jenny planned to move to India from California. Jenny's life changed forever when she arrived in India and learned that Sumit was already married. They looked to have a very private relationship, with Sumit not introducing her to anyone. Jenny had finally had enough of Sumit's reassuring her that he would take care of his first marriage, so she moved back to the United States.

In retrospect, it's clear how much Jenny meant to Sumit, so he did what he could to get her back. After apologizing, the two began talking, and Jenny ultimately decided to take the plunge once more. Even when they reconciled and Sumit divorced his previous wife, the couple still had some obstacles to overcome.

Are Jenny and Sumit Still Together

However, Sumit's parents were adamant that he and Jenny not get married, and their opposition proved a major roadblock for the couple. They cautioned that Indian culture would not approve of Jenny and Sumit's relationship because Jenny was too old for Sumit.

Even more than their son's reputation, his parents were concerned that Jenny's presence in their son's life would bring shame to their own. Their future looked bleak, what with Sumit and his parents constantly arguing and Jenny dealing with her own personal issues.

Are Jenny and Sumit Still Together?

By looking at their Instagrams, it's clear that these two are very much in love. Jenny and Sumit's relationship status isn't kept under wraps until the season finale like it might be with some reality TV couples.

Some of their admirers even engage with them in the comments; Jenny just told one of her followers that she plans to soon bring Sumit to America to meet her. Yet, that doesn't imply they don't have any issues of their own. Seven seasons into Happily Ever After?

Sumit is still trying to win back his parents' love and acceptance. Alternatively, Jenny is ready to call it quits and head stateside. But they'll run into trouble when Sumit doesn't immediately want to abandon everything he knows.


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Are Sumit's Parents Supportive of Their Marriage? 

Of course, it wouldn't be a '90 Day Fiance' season without some drama. This season, Jenny and Sumit's plot revolves around the fact that Sumit has yet to inform his parents that he and Jenny have married. Sumit reveals in the promo for the forthcoming season that because of the way Indian family dynamics work, his parents may cease talking to him about his marriage, which he didn't want to risk.

Are Jenny and Sumit Still Together

Jenny, on the other hand, was fine with them not notifying his parents and even offered to move to a different state since she thought they would “damage” the couple's happiness. Sumit, on the other hand, had to be the one to tell them, because if they found out from someone else, they would feel “betrayed.”

Sumit then said that his parents were visiting their old home and that he wanted Jenny to meet them. Jenny was openly concerned about it, noting that she didn't want the drama to repeat again and that they “still can't be happy.”

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