Jenni Rivera Cause of Death – The Tragic Plane Crash!

Jenni Rivera Cause of Death: American-Mexican singer Jenni Rivera was only 43 years old when her Learjet crashed in Mexico in 2012. She was on the verge of becoming a global celebrity. This article provides a starting point for those curious about the circumstances surrounding Jenni Rivera's death.

Who was Jenni Rivera?

American vocalist Dolores Janney “Jenni” Rivera Saavedra was well-known for her contributions to the Regional Mexican music genre, particularly the Banda, Mariachi & Norteo subgenres. Both in life & after her passing, she has been hailed as the most influential & successful female musician in Regional Mexican music by outlets such as CNN, Billboard, Fox News & The New York Times.

Jenni Rivera Cause of Death

Both the “top Latin artist of 2013” & the “highest selling Latin artist of 2013” accolades came from Billboard. Rivera's recording career kicked in 1992. She frequently addressed political & interpersonal concerns in her music. Si Quieres Verme Llorar, Rivera's first studio album for a major label, was published in the late '90s, & it was a commercial flop. However, her 2005 album, Parrandera, Rebelde y Atrevida, propelled her to fame in the US & Mexico.

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What Happened to Jenni?

Nine years have passed since Jenni Rivera's untimely death in a plane crash in California. But the tragic event is still vivid in the minds of her devoted followers. The death of legendary banda vocalist Jenni Rivera on December 9, 2012, cemented that day in Mexico's music business. The plane crash involving Jenni Rivera dominated the front pages of the newspapers. A jet carrying Jenni Rivera apparently crashed from a height of 28K feet into the mountains of northern Mexico.

Jenni Rivera Cause of Death

After Jenni Rivera was killed in a plane crash at the age of 43, authorities looked into what had happened. Billboard reports that, despite the difficulties presented by the plane's devastation, they were able to identify two possible explanations for the crash.  The Mexican DGAC said they have ruled out natural disasters, fires & explosions as possible causes.

A malfunction with the plane's horizontal stabilizer was instead suspected. Furthermore, they mentioned that the plane “was more than 45 years old” & had “been controlled by pilots at the extremes of the span of life, one of whom was 78 years old & the other of whom was 21 years old.”

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