Who Is Jen Psaki Husband? What Is Known About Her Husband?

Since taking on the role of White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki has quickly established herself as a familiar face in the room. Born in Stamford, Connecticut, to retired real estate developer James R. Psaki and psychiatrist Eileen Dolan Medvey, Psaki is the eldest of three daughters.

Before joining the Democrat Party, Psaki attended the College of William & Mary in Virginia to study English and sociology, where she earned a bachelor's degree.

Throughout her career, she has played key roles in the presidential campaigns of both John Kerry and Barack Obama, finally rising to the position of deputy press secretary under Obama's presidency.

Because of this, it was no surprise that Joe Biden chose her as his spokeswoman and press secretary, as she worked closely with him throughout the Obama administration. However, what about her personal life? It turns out that Psaki's private life is intertwined with American politics in a significant way.

Getting Jen Psaki's Attention Wasn't Simple

Jen Psaki
Jen Psaki

Gregory Mecher, Psaki's spouse, has followed a similar political path to his wife. She was raised in southern Ohio and attended Northern Kentucky University, majoring in communication and television production. Before starting an internship with Kentucky Congressman Ken Lucas while attending university, he began his political career as a student.

Former Congressman Steve Driehaus of Ohio and former Representative Joe Kennedy III of Massachusetts hired him as their chief of staff after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh. In what way did Psaki and Mecher first come into contact?

Mecher and Psaki first met over the phone when Psaki gave Mecher the wrong directions to an event while working for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (via Washington Post). Mecher was instantly smitten with Psaki when they finally met face-to-face.

Mecher described how difficult it was to catch Psaki's attention when they returned to the Washington, D.C., headquarters. She was always wearing a headset and talking on her phone while using her BlackBerry and a computer in front of her, making it impossible for me to attract her attention. His description of her work mode was apt: “tunnel vision” (via Washington Post).

Gregory Mecher Biography

Gregory Mecher is a public servant in the United States. While serving in Congress, he served as Steve Driehaus's chief of staff, serving from 2009 to 2011. Later, Mecher served as Joe Kennedy's chief of staff in the House of Representatives.

Gregory Matthew Mecher is his given name. He is of Caucasian ancestry and American nationality. Libra is his zodiac sign. This man adheres to the teachings of the Christian faith. When Mecher was born, he was born on September 30th, 1976, in Ohio, USA.

Mecher was raised in Ohio and attended Elder High School, a Catholic prep school in Cincinnati, before entering politics. At Northern Kentucky University, Mecher earned his bachelor's and master's degrees in journalism and television production in 1999, respectively.

Gregory Mecher received a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Television Production from Northern Kentucky University.

It's safe to say that he is the son of Mary Ann and Michael Mecher. While his mother taught 4th grade at a Catholic elementary school in Cincinnati, his father worked as a mechanical engineer in Hebron, Kentucky.

There Are Two Young Children in the Household


When he finally managed to gain her attention, he had the guts to approach her and make the first move toward asking her out. Mecher stated, “I was a little nervous” (via Washington Post). When I first saw it, I thought it was strange. Throughout my life, I've never been afraid of it. When I was 30 years old, I graduated from high school. There are a couple of girls I've asked out.

Their love life immediately blossomed, and they were soon engaged in a committed relationship. “I felt completely at ease,” Psaki told the Post. The two of us had a great time together, and our personalities complemented each other perfectly.

Even though they had to communicate via BlackBerry while Psaki worked for the Obama administration, the couple was able to make it work and moved in together after the 2008 election (via Heavy). Afterward, Mecher proposed in March 2009, and the pair tied the knot in June 2009.

As corny as that sounds, Mecher continued, “I just kind of knew” (via Washington Post). As a result of our good rapport, we were able to form a working relationship. “Also, it was enjoyable.”

Psaki and Mecher have a five-year-old daughter and a two-year-old boy, respectively (PopSugar).

Mecher Attended a Catholic Boys High School in Cincinnati

Born in September 1976, Mecher was up in the southern Ohio suburbs of Cincinnati. According to the wedding announcement, her mother taught fourth grade at a Catholic elementary school in Cincinnati. Hebron, Kentucky, was the home of his father's engineering firm.

According to Mercer's Facebook profile, his alma mater is Elder High School in Los Angeles. Catholic prep school in Cincinnati for guys.

For college, Mecher decided to stay in the area. In 1999, he graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism and television production.