Jeffrey Dahmer Cause of Death: What Happened During His Time in Prison?

American serial killer and sex offender Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer, aka the Milwaukee Cannibal or the Milwaukee Monster, killed and dismembered seventeen male victims between 1978 and 1991.

Necrophilia, cannibalism, and the permanent retention of body parts, usually the entire or a large portion of the skeleton, were common themes in many of his later crimes.

Dahmer was determined to be legally competent despite having been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, schizotypal personality disorder, and psychotic disorder.

On February 17, 1992, he was found guilty of fifteen of the sixteen murders he was accused of committing in Wisconsin and given fifteen consecutive life sentences. After committing another homicide in Ohio in 1978, Dahmer received his sixteenth life sentence.

Jeffrey Dahmer Cause of Death: What happened to Him?

Dahmer was fatally beaten by fellow inmate Christopher Scarver in their cell at Columbia Correctional Institution.

On the morning of November 28th, 1994, inmates Jeffrey Dahmer, Steven Scarver, and Jesse Anderson were taken from their cells and given labor details that included cleaning the prison's bathroom facilities.

Approximately twenty minutes after the three were left alone in the shower area, at 8:10 a.m., Dahmer was discovered on the floor with serious head injuries.

When Dahmer was found dead, it was determined that Scarver had bludgeoned him to death with a bar he stole from the prison gym while reading a newspaper clipping about the serial killer. Scarver sewed the bar inside the pant leg of his pants for cover.

jeffrey dahmer cause of death

Dahmer was able to make it through the initial beating, but the huge skull and face fractures he sustained caused him to pass away an hour after he was brought to the hospital. Anderson, who was also attacked by Scarver, passed away from his wounds two days later.

Scarver was able to return to his cell without being noticed by guards after replacing the bar in the gym.

Dahmer's will specify that he be cremated rather than have a funeral. Dahmer's parents were each given half of the ashes that were collected after his cremation in September 1995.

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How Did Jeffrey Dahmer Get Caught?

Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested on September 8, 1996, after he allegedly offered three men $100 to pose for naked photos. The 32-year-old Tracy Edwards agreed. Upon entering Dahmer's apartment, he was greeted by a foul odor and discovered a box of hydrochloric acid, which the serial killer claimed he used for cleaning.

Dahmer attempted to tie both of Edwards' wrists together, but he was only successful with one. He brandished a blade and ordered Edwards to strip for the camera. Edwards escaped after five tense hours by pretending he needed to use the restroom. The serial killer Dahmer collapsed to the ground after Edwards attacked him when he was unprepared.

Edwards and the police went back to Dahmer's flat, where they discovered Polaroids of dismembered bodies in the bedroom and a fridge full of decapitated heads. Edwards reported being stabbed by a “freak,” as he explained to two police officers. When one of the officers showed the other the images, he assured him that they were authentic.

jeffrey dahmer cause of death

Dahmer tried to resist being arrested when he saw the evidence the police officer was holding, but he was eventually subdued. While being restrained, he allegedly remarked, “I should be dead for what I did.”

Milwaukee's Criminal Investigation Bureau sent a team to Dahmer's flat to look through it more carefully. Two human hearts and four heads were discovered in the refrigerator, while seven skulls were discovered in Dahmer's bedroom.

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Among the many gruesome discoveries he made in his freezer was a whole human torso. “It was more like pulling apart someone's museum than an actual crime scene,” the chief medical examiner said at the time.

What Happened During Jeffrey Dahmer's Time in Prison?

Dahmer's brief incarceration was fraught with tension. Although he spent his first year in protective custody, he was eventually allowed to eat, attend classes, and work alongside other offenders.

By forming his meals into the shapes of body parts and dousing them in ketchup to make “blood,” Dahmer would tease the guards and other convicts about biting them as if they were food.

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Roy Ratcliff, a pastor at the prison where Dahmer served time, recalled seeing a flyer advertising a Cannibals Anonymous meeting on Dahmer'