Who is Jason Sudeikis’ Wife? Who is the Fool’s Paradise Actor Married to?

Jason Sudeikis, known for his comedic talent and charismatic performances, has also captured the hearts of fans with his personal life.

Jason Sudeikis, a native of Fairfax, Virginia, is a fantastic performer. His comedic abilities have always been exceptional, and he was even cast as a member of Saturday Night Live. He stayed for nine seasons, well known for his roles as Joe Biden and Mitt Romney.

Masterminds, The Book of Love, A Good Old Fashioned Orgy, The Last Man on Earth, South of Heaven, and Fool's Paradise are among Jason Sudeikis' major acting credits.

In terms of his personal life, Jason Sudeikis was previously married for six years. Prior to then, the two had been dating for several years.

In this article, we explore the identity of Jason Sudeikis' wife, shedding light on their relationship and the love story that has unfolded behind the scenes.

Who Is Jason Sudeikis' Wife?

When it comes to Jason Sudeikis' wife, specifically the former one, her name is Kay Cannon. The couple married in 2004.

Kay Cannon is a successful screenwriter. Pitch Perfect, 30 Rock, New Girl, Cristela, and Girlboss are among her most memorable performances. Kay Sudeikis, Jason Sudeikis' wife, also directed and wrote the film.

Jason Sudeikis and Kay Cannon divorced in 2008 after four years of marriage. Their divorce occurred after a couple of years or so. What was the primary reason? They were clearly madly in love with each other. However, their considerable distance (due to the SNL show and work) likely separated them.

Jason Sudeikis' Wife

In case you didn't know, Jason moved to New York City in 2003 for the sketch comedy program. His marriage suffered as a result. Kay, on the other hand, remained in Las Vegas.

After several years, Jason opened up about his emotional struggles while on SNL in an interview. He had to give up some things in order to appear on the show, including performing and living with his then-wife, Kay Cannon. He was feeling particularly “unhappy” at the time. He admitted feeling like a “crazy person.”

Despite everything, the good news is that Jason Sudeikis and Kay Cannon divorced amicably. It was probably cordial because neither of them made much of a fuss over it. They moved on in their individual lives without any resentment.

Who Has Jason Sudeikis Dated?

January Jones

Sudeikis sparked reports in July 2010 that he was dating Mad Men actress January Jones. The couple was reportedly first seen together at an ESPY afterparty, and subsequently, on the set of a movie, Sudeikis was filming at the time. They were then photographed together while out for lunch in Los Angeles.

Jason Sudeikis' Wife

 According to people, the couple's relationship became problematic due to the distance, and they called it quits in January 2011 after being “on and off for a few months.”

Olivia Wilde

Sudeikis first met Olivia Wilde in May 2011 at a Saturday Night Live afterparty.  Over the next six months, the two kept running into each other at gatherings but never connected. Wilde eventually took matters into her own hands, recruiting her best guy buddy to provide Sudeikis with her phone number.

That September, the pair went on their first date at a restaurant in New York City. Wilde declared at the end of the date that she was “madly in love.” They started dating in November of 2011.

Jason Sudeikis' Wife

They announced their first pregnancy in October 2012, and their son, Otis Alexander, was born six months later.

Daisy Josephine, the engaged couple's second child, was born in April 2016. When they got their dog, Elvis, the next year, they discovered the “missing member” of their clan.

Sudeikis and Wilde's engagement ended in November 2020, according to reports. The actress later disclosed that the couple had “divorced around the time of the [COVID-19] pandemic.”

Their relationship, however, took a turn when news of Wilde's romance with Harry Styles broke early in 2021.

Details of the former couple's custody struggle became public in April 2022, when Wilde was served with legal documents during an appearance at CinemaCon in Las Vegas.

According to online sources, Wilde and Sudeikis were no longer speaking and needed help communicating about their custody schedule. Despite their differences, Wilde recently stated that she and Sudeikis share the same goals for their children.

Keeley Hazell

Sudeikis was photographed with Ted Lasso co-star Keeley Hazell in early 2021. According to sources, Sudeikis and Hazell “knew each other for many years” after meeting on the set of Horrible Bosses 2, when she portrayed Chris Pine's secretary.

She was observed wearing the same rainbow tie-dye hoodie that Sudeikis wore during his virtual appearance at the Golden Globes that year, shortly after the duo were first sighted at Hazell's London residence.

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She even shared an Instagram story of herself in front of a fireplace that resembled the one behind Sudeikis during the award show. They are said to have parted in 2022.

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