Jamie Lee Curtis Reveals Her “Secret Sauce” to Getting More Screen Time!

After 40 years in the business, actress Jamie Lee Curtis is now spilling the beans on her “secret sauce” for getting more screen time in the movies she's involved with. Now that she has her first Oscar nomination under her belt, she can talk about how important it is for her to be there on set at all times.

At the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Curtis told Insider, “Here's the deal.” It's my special ingredient. Please don't retreat to your mobile homes. You should avoid trailers at all costs. I never left the set, as Jonathan Wang, the show's producer would attest. As for me, I just can't buy into it.

In addition to her recent role as the IRS inspector Deirdre Beaubeirdre on EEAAO, Curtis recently garnered attention for her leading performance in Knives Out as the matriarch of the Drysdale/Thrombey family, Linda.

Jamie Lee Curtis Reveals Her Secret Sauce

Curtis claims director Rian Johnson constantly observed her hanging out on set, which led to her being cast in more sequences than she had bargained for. When asked why he constantly had me on site, the director of Knives Out once stated to me, “He once named me his MVP.

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“She never left the stage,” Curtis explains. Because I was there, he was forced to include me in pictures he had originally planned to exclude. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight prior to the film's release, Johnson praised Curtis as “the MVP of the set” for a number of reasons, including that “first of all, she would be early.

At set, she'd be miles ahead of the rest of us. I'd become really puzzled and nervous when she'd show up on set when she wasn't even meant to be in the scene and would just be hanging out. That's why I'd have her act in it! Jamie Lee Curtis, I thought, has arrived!

Get a camera on her! She stumbled into situations where she had no business being simply because she was present. The Borderlands movie adaptation is only one of four planned projects for Curtis, with Spychosis and Kay Scarpetta and Disney's Haunted Mansion also in the works.

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If she continues working in this tried and tested manner, she may end up appearing in more of these upcoming parts than was first intended.

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