Jamie Lee Curtis Daughter Ruby: About Her Daughter’s Transition, She Speaks Candidly!

Ruby, Jamie Lee Curtis' transgender daughter, was introduced to the world on Wednesday. The actress shared photos from her and Ruby's recent People magazine interview with her Instagram followers. Jamie's post made it clear that she is a very proud mother.

For the Exclusive Interview, Jamie Was Photographed With Her Daughter

Jamie's Instagram post, which included a powerful quote from the piece, featured the mother-daughter magazine spread in full. “Everyone should do something to help others,” Ruby said in the story. “I don't believe it's just our family. It should be something human.”


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Jamie captioned the photo, giving a sweet shout-out to her daughter. “Ruby, I am proud to be your mother,” wrote the actress. “Right now, more than ever.”

Ruby Finally Came Out Last Year

People reported that the 25-year-old video editor broke the news to her family, including her father, Christopher Guest while sitting outside her parents' Los Angeles home. “It was terrifying just telling them something about myself they didn't know,” Ruby recalled. “It was intimidating, but I was unconcerned. They had always been so accepting of me.”

Jamie Admitted That She Has Struggled With Terminology Since Ruby's Transition

The Halloween actress revealed that she has had to change the words she uses and even the way she speaks. “It's talking in a different language,” Jamie explained. “It is the process of learning new terminology and words. I'm new to it. I'm not going to pretend to know a lot about it. And I'm going to screw it up, make mistakes. I'd like to try to avoid making major mistakes.”

Jamie Lee Curtis Daughter

Jamie appears to be dedicated to doing her daughter proud and supporting her in any way she can.

The Trick for Jamie is to Think Before She Speaks

Jamie admitted that she still makes mistakes when discussing Ruby, but she is working hard to learn as quickly as possible. “You slow down your speech a little,” she explained, explaining how she's working to improve. “You become more aware of what you're saying and how you're saying it. You still make mistakes — I made two today. We're only human.”

Jamie Understands How Important Her Words Are to Her Daughter and the Trans Community.

The pair hopes that their interview will be of assistance to others in similar situations.

Jamie Lee Curtis Daughter

Jamie stated that one of the reasons she wanted to do this interview was to assist other families who were going through similar situations. “It's worth it if one person reads this, sees a picture of Ruby and me, and says, ‘I feel free to say this is who I am,'” she said.

We're confident that the mother-daughter team's story will reach far more than one person. We're so glad they decided to talk about Ruby's transition together.

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