James Rothschild Wife: How Did The Couple Meet?

James Rothschild Wife: Born in 1985 and raised in the United Kingdom James Rothschild is a founding and managing partner of Tru Arrow Partners, a global growth technology corporation. The 37-year-old financier comes from a prominent banking family.

For 15 years, the father-of-two worked as an investor with his family and other independent institutions before gaining formal training at Hargreave-Hale and Rothschild and Co. in London before entering into European real estate investment.

In 2012, he relocated to New York and joined the investment and advisory firm Lepe Partners. The Rothschild family founded their business in the 1800s and is regarded as one of the world's wealthiest families. They have a collective net worth of $400 billion, according to CelebrityNetWorth.

Who is James Rothschild's Wife?

Hilton started dating financier James Rothschild in 2011. He was born in 1985 and is the only son of Amschel Rothschild. They met at the wedding of James Stunt and Petra Ecclestone.

Hilton and Rothschild got engaged on August 12, 2014, while they were on vacation at Lake Como in Italy. The wedding took place at The Orangery in Kensington Palace Gardens in London, England, on July 10, 2015.

James Rothschild Wife

Hilton wore a Valentino Haute Couture dress that cost $77,000. Paris, her sister, was the maid of honor. Botswana was where they spent their honeymoon. They have a son who was born in July 2016 and two daughters who were born in July 2016 and December 2017. (born July 2022).

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Who is Nicky Hilton?


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Nicholai Olivia Hilton Rothschild is an American fashion designer, socialite, and model. She was born on October 5, 1983, to Nicky and Olivia Hilton. She was born into the Hilton family and married James Rothschild, the grandson of Victor Rothschild, 3rd Baron Rothschild, in 2015. This made her a member of the Rothschild family.

How Did They Meet?

No matter how low-key Nicky Hilton and James Rothschild are, they are as high-society as it gets. So, it makes sense that they met at a party for wealthy people. That was the wedding of Petra Ecclestone in 2011. She is the daughter of Bernie Ecclestone, who used to run Formula 1.

According to Marie Claire, the wedding was at the Odescalchi Castle in Italy, which made for a very romantic setting. Hilton told W in a 2016 interview that she and Rothschild met at the wedding's cocktail hour. She was standing with her sister Paris Hilton, who was talking to a suitor at the time.

James Rothschild Wife

Rothschild used this as him in: “He walked over and said his name. I thought, “He's cute, too.” When they saw each other again after dinner, they both fell in love. That doesn't mean their first few years together were always easy, though.

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Since Rothschild lived in London and Hilton lived in Los Angeles, they spent their first year together apart. She told W, “We both moved to New York once we decided we really wanted this to work.”

But when it was time for their fairy tale engagement, they went back to Italy right away. “He took her on a boat ride into the middle of Lake Como and proposed,” a source told Us Weekly. That's a lot of love!