What is Jacqueline Guzman? Actress Fired After NYPD Tik-Tok Rant

Actress Jacqueline Guzman, Cuban-American, was dismissed from her theatrical company after she went on a rampage over the funeral procession for slain NYPD officer Jason Rivera in a video that quickly gained widespread attention on social media.

After receiving significant negative feedback across various social media platforms in response to the Tik-Tok video that she released on January 28, 2022, she has decided to remove the clip.

Because the funeral procession was causing several routes in Lower Manhattan to be blocked off, she appeared to be incredibly insensitive in her video. Guzman is heard saying in the video that was uploaded to TikTok,

“We do not need to shut down much of Lower Manhattan because one police officer died for presumably performing his job badly.” They murder individuals under the age of 22 every single day for no apparent reason, and we don't close the city down for them.

After widespread backlash for the disgraceful outburst she posted online, the actress was ultimately let go from her theatrical company.

“It is unnecessary for us to close down the majority of Lower Manhattan because one police officer was killed for possibly performing his job poorly. She is heard saying this in the tape, which was uploaded to TikTok under the name @vinylboobs.

“They kill individuals under 22 every day for no good reason, and we don't shut down the city for them,” the clip was initially posted under the handle “vinylboobs.”

“This is so f*cking absurd it's not even funny. This is completely and utterly absurd. What should we do if somebody nearby is experiencing a heart attack? “No one can get to them because it's all shut off for one f—ing officer,” the foolish actress said as she went through a roadway that was cordoned off with barriers.

During the reaction, Guzman's acting company, Face to Face Films, announced that she “is no longer a member of our organization.” Cristal Guzman, the victim's sister, also uploaded a video to TikTok discussing the flood of erroneous hate comments and threats.

Cristal expressed gratitude to her family, friends, customers, and other business owners who “had our backs,” She said that “that level of support got us through the day.”

In addition, the sisters clarified their position in a post they published on Instagram.

The post includes the following message: “Please note that we have been erroneously and deliberately labeled in a hostile post.” It should be made clear that none of us is responsible for that post, nor do we have any connection to it.

Every member of law enforcement in our town has our full support. Her messaging is offensive to us, and we disagree with it.

“We kindly ask that you refrain from continuing to link ourselves with this individual. It has come to our attention that the young lady shown in the video has both her first and last names with one of our Sister Sweets, who goes by Jacqueline. It states, “We do NOT know this girl, and it is NOT the same Jacqueline.”

To prevent any future misunderstandings for the time being, “respectfully we have switched off the commenting and have made our page private,” the message states further.

In addition, the sisters acknowledged their appreciation in a statement published on Sunday on Instagram. They stated, “There was SO MUCH of you who truly showed up for us in a time where we felt like everything we worked SO HARD for was done.”

“There was SO MUCH of you who came up for us in a time where we felt like everything we worked SO HARD for was gone.” “We are exhausted, and it isn't done yet, but we WILL get through this, and we are indebted to our incredible Sweets Family for all their support!”

Rivera, age 22, was killed by a gun fired by Lashawn McNeil on January 21 in Harlem as he was responding to a report about domestic violence.

Officer Wilbert Mora, Rivera's partner, was also severely injured in the shooting on January 21. Still, he was able to survive for many days while being kept alive on life support so that his organs could be donated.

Regarding Jacqueline Guzman, What is Known?

Jacqueline Guzman
Jacqueline Guzman

After the tremendous outcry that occurred online, it appears that all traces of Guzman have been removed; however, further information about the actress may be discovered in the bio that is located on the Face To Face Films website.

It was mentioned in her biography, which has since been taken off the website, that the actress was originally from Hialeah, Florida. It is said that the Cuban-American actress discovered her love for performing when she was still a student in high school.

According to the profile, her contemporaries put a lot of pressure on her to try out for the drama Almost, Maine. This audition supposedly ignited her ambition to get involved in acting and pursue it on a professional level.

There are rumors that Jacqueline Guzman attended and graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. It is not known whether or not she continued her schooling after receiving her diploma and obtaining her initial qualification.

During her time at the AADA, she appeared in several shows that were copies of well-known plays. In William Inge's Picnic, Guzman played the role of Madge. In Phillip Howze's Frontieres Sans Frontieres, he played Noon. And in William Shakespeare's play, Guzman represented Friar Laurence. The story of Romeo and Juliet.

Following graduation, Guzman began her studies to become an instructor of the Alexander Technique of acting. She is now an accomplished instructor. In addition, she was involved with the American Theatre of Actors and founded her own independent production company, Exhale, go Productions.

People Are Mistaking LI Woman With the Same Name as Jacqueline Guzman

Jacqueline Guzman
Jacqueline Michelle Guzman

A woman on Long Island who shares her name with an actress who caused controversy after complaining about the difficulty of attending the funeral of slain police officer Jason Rivera says that she has been harassed and threatened by people who mistake her for the actress who made the offensive comments.

“My name is Jacqueline Michelle Guzman. According to GreaterLongIsland.com, the home-based chocolate vendor introduces herself in a TikTok video as a 25-year-old gymnastics teacher and company owner. The video was put on the Facebook and Instagram profiles of the vendor's business, Sister Sweets.

“I want to clarify that Jacqueline Guzman in that video is not me. I am not the Jacqueline Guzman in that video. A resident of Huntington in Suffolk County said through tears, “I have been receiving several calls and texts as well as many threats.”

“Would you kindly refrain from harassing and assaulting me? “On a personal level, I cannot deal with it,” Guzman continues.