Let’s Have A Look at Jacob Ward Life And Career!

Jacob Ward is a skilled writer and journalist whose work has featured in several highly regarded publications. Jacob has written fascinating narratives that shed light on some of the most serious topics of our day, fueled by a genuine curiosity about the world and a passion for storytelling.

Let's Go Through His Early Life.

Jacob Ward was born in 1974 and as of now in 2023, he is 49 years old. His nationality is America and by profession, he is American science and technology journalist. He showed his profession when he worked as a reporter at The Industry Standard, on the then emerging Internet economy in 1997. After 9 years to 1997, he worked as a reporter at sought after American Digital Magazine knowns as Popular science. Not only this, he has hosted The Truth About Traffic on the Discovery Channel in 2009.

Jacob has covered a wide range of themes throughout his career, from technology and science to politics and social justice. His writing is noted for its clarity, intelligence, and thoughtfulness, and he has a flair for breaking down complicated concepts and making them accessible to a wide audience.

Being a bibliophile,  he has a great taste in reading the books. According to his interest, he has written a books The Loop which is world wild known and it is based on technology. this book was published on January 25, 2022. and it contains 320 pages.

In The Loop, award-winning scientific writer Jacob Ward explains how we're on track to program all of humanity's worst impulses into artificial intelligence, locking future generations into a cycle of decreasing freedom and increasing risk.

This Book reveals that how Artificial intelligence is going to change the world as we know it. Our brains are always making judgments based on shortcuts, biases, and hidden processes—and we're leveraging those same strategies to build technology that makes decisions for us.

Overall, the book has overall global rating 4.3 out of 5 at amazon.

Is Jacob Ward Married?

Jacob and his beautiful bride, Julie Tinker, were married on January 1, 2008. Julie Tinker is a journalist and producer who has collaborated with Jacob on many occasions. They work well together as a unit and have built a solid name for themselves as journalists and storytellers. they have two daughter.


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