Jack Ryan Season 3 Cast: Let’s Find Out Who’s in the Spy Series?

Jack Ryan Season 3 Cast: Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan is an American political action thriller that premiered on Amazon Prime Video. It is based on characters from Tom Clancy's fictional “Ryanverse.”

Authors Carlton Cuse and Graham Roland are responsible for the series' creation. Cuse, John Krasinski, Michael Bay, and Mace Neufeld are among the executive producers.

Even though John Krasinski is reprising his role as Jack Ryan, it has been over three years since the second season of the program aired, so fans may need a refresher on the show's returning cast members and an introduction to the newcomers. It is our pleasure to assist you in this matter.

Let's take a look at the Jack Ryan season 3 cast.

John Krasinski as Jack Ryan

Jack Ryan Season 3 Cast

In Season 3 of Jack Ryan, Jack begins working as a counter-intelligence officer in Rome before leaving to stop Sokol. In the first season of Jack Ryan, Ryan was a CIA analyst working in the Terror Finance and Arms Division (T-FAD), but in the second season, he moved to a position on Capitol Hill. In season 3, Jack Ryan is thrown back into European geopolitics, a favorite topic of Tom Clancy's novel readers.

Wendell Pierce Returns As James Greer

Jack Ryan Season 3 Cast

James Greer, Ryan's old boss and the previous head of the CIA station in Karachi, is portrayed by Wendell Pierce. Greer started up in the US Navy but later switched to the CIA. Unfortunately, an operation went wrong while Greer was in Karachi, prompting him to act in a way that he and the CIA didn't want. Eventually, Greer was recalled to the CIA's Virginia headquarters, where he was demoted to Group Chief of the T-FAD.

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Michael Kelly as Mike November

Jack Ryan Season 3 Cast

Mike November appears in Jack Ryan Season 2 as the CIA station commander in Venezuela, where he collaborates with Jack and Greer to bring down President Reyes. When Ryan is forced to flee in Season 3, November is one of the few people he can rely on.

Betty Gabriel as Elizabeth Wright

Jack Ryan Season 3 Cast

Elizabeth Wright is the CIA's Rome station chief in the third season of Jack Ryan. Wright, who has been ordered by the CIA in Langley to find Jack Ryan, is put in the awkward position of wanting to believe Jack that the Russians are planning an attack on the United States. Wright was supposed to be played by Marianne Jean-Baptiste, but she dropped out owing to artistic differences.

James Cosmo Plays Luca in the Cast of Jack Ryan

Jack Ryan Season 3 Cast

In the most recent season, James Cosmo plays Luca. He has also been in successful Hollywood productions including “Braveheart” and “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.”

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Peter Guinness as Petr

Jack Ryan Season 3 Cast

The role of Petr will be played by Peter Guinness. Guinness has been an actor for a long time. Petr Kovac is the father of Czech President Alena Kovac and one of his closest advisors. There are many things Petr has hidden from his daughter, and his uncertain allegiances seem to lean toward the Russian conspiracy to use Sokol to reestablish the Soviet Empire in Season 3 of Jack Ryan.

Alexej Manvelov as Alexei Petrox

Jack Ryan Season 3 Cast

In Jack Ryan, season 3, Alexei serves as the Russian President's advisor. He is a high-ranking member of the Russian administration. Alexei's involvement in the Sokol conspiracy and his doubtful loyalty put him in conflict with CIA station chief James Greer in Russia.

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