Its Okay Thats Love Marked a Memorable Romance Story in a Unique Way?

Jo In-sung, Gong Hyo-jin, Sung Dong-il, Lee Kwang-soo, and Do Kyung-soo are the stars of the 2014 South Korean television series It's Okay, That's Love (Korean:, ; RR: Gwaenchanha, Sarang-iya).

It had 16 episodes and aired on SBS every Wednesday and Thursday at 21:55 (KST) from July 23 to September 11, 2014.

Potential Release Date of It's Okay That's Love Season 2

According to en.wikipedia The first season of “It's Okay, That's Love” premiered on the SBS network on July 23, 2014, and ran for 16 episodes until September 11, 2014.

“It's Okay, That's Love” ranked third on the CPI (Content Power Index), a measure of a show's popularity based on streaming and social media buzz.

Its Okay Thats Love

The actors were highly praised for their excellent performances and received numerous nominations and awards.

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Since “It's Okay, That's Love” ended happily, there are no confirmed rumors of a Season 2. The expected release year for “It's Okay, That's Love” Season 2 is 2022.

Who is in the Cast of It's Okay That's Love Season 2

At least for the main characters, it makes sense to assume that the original actors will return to reprise their roles. Gong Hyo-Jin portrays Ji Hae-soo, a psychiatrist with untreated anxiety issues.

Jo Dong-Min, a senior coworker and Hae-first Soo's love, is portrayed by Sung Dong-Il. Sung has played prominent roles in a number of films and TV shows.

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Lee Kwang-Soo plays Park Soo-Kwang, Soo's flatmate who has Hae-Tourette syndrome. Lee played well-known roles in the films “Confession” (2014) and “Collective Invention” (2015).

The Plot of It's Okay, That's Love

Jang Jae-Yeol is introduced to us in the “It's Okay, That's Love” opening scene. A well-known mystery writer is Jae-Yeol. He's a charming, confident young man. As the narrative progresses, we learn more about Jae-difficult Yeol's upbringing and how it affected his way of thinking.

Thus, beneath the seemingly confident personality, there is a tormented mind filled with mental illness. Jae-Yeol would always feel bad for sending his brother to prison because his mother had mistakenly accused him—rather than her—of accidentally killing his father.

Psychiatrist Hae-soo, who works at the university hospital, is the next person we encounter. She shows intelligence, kindness, and compassion to her patients.

Its Okay Thats Love

When Hae-soo was a young girl, she witnessed her mother cheating on her father with another man. She continues to be affected by this terrible incident, and now she frequently has anxiety and panic attacks.

Later in the series, it is movingly demonstrated how the two work to make each other aware of their mental illnesses and are brutally honest with one another. Jae-Yeol, however, reassures her and aids her in gradually getting over her worries.

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In a distinctive way, It's Okay That's Love made a memorable love story.

We've seen a lot of modern romance dramas, but this one might be the most out of the ordinary. It's amazing how It's Okay That's Love could present such a moving and unusual story when most illnesses in K-Dramas involve amnesia or something fatal.

This Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin love match will appeal to viewers who dislike tailored romantic comedies with the typical illness premise that are emotionally taxing to watch. This was Jo's second project with No Hee Kyung since That Winter, The Wind Blows, and the series was written by the renowned author.

Trailer of It's Okay, That's Love Season 2

Season 2 of It's Okay, That's Love hasn't been officially announced, and it might not even be renewed. The second season of It's Okay, That's Love has yet to have a trailer released. This lengthy “It's Okay, That's Love” trailer will give you a better idea of the show.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Acceptable That Love Always Has a Happy Ending?

People Who Have Had Mental Health Issues Themselves Will Be Able to Relate to Jae-yeol, Which Will Make the Viewing Experience Even More Heartbreaking. Happily, There is a Happy Ending, but Let's Not Be Fooled Into Thinking That Schizophrenia is So Easily Treatable; This Serious Mental Illness Calls for Lifelong Care.

What Occurs in It's Okay, That's Love?

Although Jang Jae-mother Yeol's Accidentally Killed His Father After His Father Assaulted Him When He Was Young, He Falsely Claimed That His Brother Had Committed the Murder. He Suffers From an Obsession-compulsive Disorder as a result of His Guilt. In the First Year of the Ji Hae fellowship, Soo is a Psychiatrist.

In It's Okay That's Love, Who is the Murderer?

He Actually Offered to Replace Jae Yul Because He Believed That His Punishment Would Only Be Two to Three Years. He Blurted Out the Truth When the Judge Ultimately Gave Him an Eleven-year Prison Term, Jae Yul and Their Mother Continued to Insist That Jae Bum is the Murderer, Leaving Him Feeling Betrayed.