It’s official: Xbox Store says Shredders will be available on March 17th!

Many fans have been keeping an eye out for the release of Foampunch's Shredders, which appears to be an excellent spiritual successor to the enormously popular but now defunct Super Street Fighter II: Extreme, which is currently in development. The game is currently expected to be released later this month on Xbox One and PC, though a specific release date for Shredders has not yet been announced or confirmed.


Despite this, a Microsoft Store listing has confirmed a revised release date of March 17, according to the listing (as found by The Loadout). The developers have not made any announcements regarding a possible release date at this time. For example, the official Twitter handle for the game still lists a release date of February 2022 as the game's release date.

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Aside from all of this, Shredders has also confirmed a Steam release; however, it will not begin until after the game launches on Xbox Series X / S, which is scheduled for an indefinite release in Winter 2022.

With its open environments and gameplay that is inspired by real-world pros, the game provides players with a glimpse into the world of professional snowboarding. If you're looking for a game that will satisfy your craving for extreme sports, this appears to be the perfect fit for your requirements.

The developer, in response to a fan who inquired about the game's leaked release date on Twitter, responded with the phrase “team, we have some work to do.” This does not confirm or deny the previously leaked release date, but it is possible that the March 17 release date will be changed in the near future.


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It is a snowboarding game with “powder so fresh that you'll lose yourself for hours carving down the mountains,” according to the developers, who call it “kick-ass”. Due to the hand-sculpted environments and a massive mountain range to explore with your friends, this game fits perfectly into the Xbox Game Pass free games library for the month of March in the year 2022.

Shredders is a love letter to snowboarding that draws inspiration from a number of snowboarding movies as well as the Amped series – which was part of the original Xbox's game library – to create a blockbuster experience that, according to developer Foam Punch, will have players carving up the mountain like the “snowboarding heroes on Instagram.”


We can expect a formal announcement from Foam Punch soon, along with confirmation that the game will be available on Xbox Game Pass from day one, as depicted by the above-leaked picture. While players may have to wait a little longer than they had hoped, the Xbox Game Pass games library will still be impressive during this time period.

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