It’s Official: ‘Gossip Girl Season 3’ Will Not Air on HBO Max!

Season 2 of the Gossip Girl revival premiered in December, but if you can't wait to see how your favorite gang of dramatic high school seniors is doing, then you're not alone. Sorry, but you'll have to wait some more. Up until now, Season 3 of Gossip Girl has been shrouded in mystery.

In season two of Gossip Girl, our favorite students at Constance Billard–St. Jude's High School is well into its junior year. And, obviously, they don't have a lot of homework time because their lives are so Gossip Girl.

In its place, we get a fight for the title of the queen bee, an affair with a married man, and a trip to the Met Gala. It was the usual situation, you know, going to class during the day and the largest fashion event of the year at night.

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Really, who among us can't see ourselves in that? As for the future, though, what then? No matter what, I will never reveal that information. JK. JK. This is everything we know about Gossip Girl season three at this point.

Will There Be a Season 3 of ‘Gossip Girl’ on HBO Max?

Sadly, there will not be a season 3 of Gossip Girl. On Instagram, showrunner Josh Safran broke the cancellation news but said the show would look for a new streaming home.

With a heavy heart, he revealed that GOSSIP GIRL would be canceled from HBO Max: “So here's the goss:” The network & studio have our eternal gratitude for their trust & support; the writers, for their cunning minds & skillful hands; the superstar cast, for being the finest of colleagues & friends; & the crew, for their tireless effort, devotion & love of the project. From beginning to end, this was by far the most impressive production I've ever been a part of.


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What Will Happen in Gossip Girl Season 3?

The only real certainty is that it will take place during the first semester of senior year, but that is only if the show is picked up by another network and a third season is produced. In an interview with Harper's Bazaar before the premiere of Season 1, Safran expressed his desire to continue the show.

Gossip Girl Season 3

Such that we wouldn't run into the issue that the first show had when they had to start college by the third season, I designed it so that each season is a semester. Which, in retrospect, was undoubtedly the best choice to make.

So, in retrospect, you see you would have benefited from additional time spent in high school. If each season represents one semester, and they are now juniors, they would graduate high school and enter higher education in the fifth season.

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