Its confirmed that Guild Wars 2: The End of Dragons will be released on this date!

Guild Wars 2: The End of Dragons, is nearly complete. This is going to be one of the most well-received releases of the year. The game had encountered a number of difficulties, but it had always managed to release new game content for its fans. In fact, there has been speculation about an expansion since last year, and the news of End of Dragons confirms that this is indeed the case.

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Release Date

The game will go live for the first time on February 28th, 2022, for all viewers. A mysterious world will be explored by the audience as they play the game, which will be made available on PC for the first time. ArenaNet has posted a trailer to YouTube, which you can view here. Players will thus get a first look at some of the upcoming subclasses before they are officially released.

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Is there a trailer?

Through the trailer, you can get a better understanding of the different aspects of the game. The mood for the game had been set by the two-minute trailer that preceded it. In addition to having an interesting soundtrack that is complimented by epic narration, the visuals are absolutely stunning. The trailer provides specifics on the conflicts and challenges that the players will be faced with during their journey.

So, what are the most important aspects of the film that are demonstrated in the trailer?

It introduces you to Cantha, a brand new area in which you can explore and interact with other players. An enchanted dragon jade serves as the catalyst for a high-tech magitech revolution, which is known as the Cantha Revolution. You will have access to entirely new travel options, as well as the ability to customize your itinerary.

In fact, the players will be able to choose from a variety of elite specializations that are exclusive to them. You will be witnessing the first glimpse of Tyrian's Asha-inspired region, which will be revealed to you.

The Elder Dragon's secrets will be revealed to the commanding officers as they explore the territory. Many other things must be discovered, such as the whereabouts of Mai Trin, the Aetherblade pirates, and whether or not the return of these pirates will pose a threat to the kingdom of Tyria.

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What About Elite Specializations?

Guild Wars 2: The End of Dragons

There are up to nine new elite specializations to choose from. Aside from Jade Bots, you will be able to access new mastery tracks for the sport of fishing. In addition, a new Siege Turtle mount and a Skiff vehicle will be included in this update.

New strike missions will be provided to the players, which will keep things interesting. You can also take part in global events such as the Olympics. As a result, the level of competition will increase.

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Digital Tour

Guild Wars 2: The End of Dragons

A recent digital tour was held, and Guild Wars 2 was able to demonstrate some of the game's most unique challenges. This includes a strike mission to the Aetherblade Hideout as well as a Fort Aspenwood-area event to participate in. This will be located in the brand new Echovald Wilds region of the game.

The release date has been pushed back to the end of February. As a result, players are anticipating the release of additional previews for the game. This also implies that the new Kaineng City Zone, as well as the Jade Tech Mastery Track, are expected to be unveiled to the public. In addition, the game's music has been residing in the minds of players on a month-to-month basis.

Considering that Guild Wars 2 was released in 2012, gamers are ecstatic to have their beloved continent returned. Considering that Guild Wars Factions was first released in 2006, it is almost surreal for some people to think that they will be entering another chapter since then.

Guild Wars 2: The End of Dragons

Furthermore, the fact that Arenanet has been delaying the announcement of the release of End of Dragons for such a long period of time has surprised a large number of Guild Wars players. The fans were also not expecting a February release, given the large number of games that are being released during this time period.

However, because of the tremendous amount of hype surrounding this game, it is almost certain to be a major success. Is it true that the developers have fixed the bugs and that there are any new features? We'll have to wait until February 28th to find out the answers.

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Final Words

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