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It’s Beautiful Now: Are Yoon Si Yoon and Bae Da Bin Ready for Marriage?

The Lee brothers have caused consternation in their family by announcing that they would never get married. After the elders vow to offer an apartment to the son who gets married first, things begin to shift.

It's Beautiful Now: Plot Synopsis

It's Beautiful Now

Even though Lee Yoon-Jae (Oh Min-Suk), Lee Hyun-Jae (Seo Bum-June), and Lee Soo-Jae (Seo Bum-June) are all brothers, they are not interested in dating or getting married.

Everyone, including their grandpa Lee Kyung-Cheol (Park In-Hwan) and their parents, Lee Min-Ho (Park Sang-Won) and Han Kyung-Ae (Kim Hye-Ok), is troubled by the fact that they are uninterested in getting married.

Each of the brothers decides to go on a search for a woman with whom to be married. They conclude that they should make an offer to the brothers. According to their request, the first brother to marry will earn a one-bedroom apartment in their building.

Lee Hyun-Jae is the middle brother in the family. He is an exceptional lawyer specializing in family law matters, such as divorce. His job keeps him extremely busy all of the time. Hyun Mi-Rae is a new customer he encounters one day (Bae Da-Bin). Hyun Mi-Rae is a VIP personal shopper who wishes to get married. She is now working on the project.

The eldest brother, Lee Yoon-Jae, is a dentist by profession. He has been in business for himself as a dentist for the past five years, and he enjoys a positive reputation among his patients.

It's Beautiful Now

Sim Hae-Joon is a patient of his who has undergone surgery (Shin Dong-Mi). She works at the same legal company as Lee Yoon-younger Jae's brother Lee Hyun-Jae, who is also a family member. She finds herself falling in love with the dentist.

Lee Soo-Jae is the youngest of the three brothers. He is preparing for the exam that will allow him to become a public servant. In addition, he works part-time to help pay his expenditures.

He comes upon Na Yoo-Na while working at his part-time job (Choi Ye-Bin). Na Yoo-Na aspires to work as a patissier someday. She relocated to Seoul to pursue her goal, and she is currently enrolled at a pastry school.

It's Beautiful Now: Cast Members

It's Beautiful Now


Haejun is a legal firm where he is a partner at 36. Housework (divorce/inheritance) law, as well as criminal law, are areas of expertise. A lawyer who has a high success record as a result of his logical eloquence in court

She is 31 years old, the eldest daughter, and a VIP personal shopper. She seeks an annulment of her marriage because she was fraudulently wedded.

Divorce attorney, 41 years old, and a representative of the law business Haejun. She has a thing for Yun-Jae.

27, a 7th-grade public test preparation student, youngest brother with intense positive narcissism, and part-time employee at a parcel delivery business loading and unloading packages. He met Na Yu-na while working at a part-time job.

She is the eldest of three children, two sons, and one daughter, and she is 25 years old. She aspires to be a pastry chef, and she is putting in the necessary hours at a baking academy while also working part-time as a courier.

Lee family

As the leader of Igane and Min-father, he worked very hard as a fresh vegetable merchant. He was over seventy years old.

A father of three kids in his 60s, he is the adoptive son of Lee Kyeong-cheol and the spouse of Kyung-ae. He is also the vice-principal of a middle school.

Min-wife ho's and mother of three boys, 60 years old.


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In the Pair Poster for ‘It's Beautiful Now,' Yoon Si Yoon and Bae Da Bin Display a Heart-fluttering Connection

In a pair poster for KBS2's new weekend series, ‘It's Beautiful Now,' Yoon Si Yoon and Bae Da Bin displayed a heart-fluttering connection that had viewers salivating.

It's Beautiful Now' premiered a couple of posters featuring Yoon Si Yoon and Bae Da Bin, who is seen sitting close to each other and staring directly at the camera on March 31, 2018.

Papers and a stamp were strewn on the table in front of the pair, who were also sharing a cup of juice. A romantic vibe pervaded the room even though the two appeared to be in the middle of an unknown crucial business transaction.

Curiosity was piqued especially when the lines “Will you marry me if I assist you in getting a divorce?” appeared. According to the production crew for ‘It's Beautiful Now,' the film is set today. “Because it is a drama about a huge family, many performers feature in it.

We are a friendly group that looks out for one another and is full of affection. We are guided by adults and are a team that takes excellent care of one another. Despite this, their collaboration is outstanding.

While all cast members gathered for their first script reading, it seemed like a family reunion taking place during the holidays. We will continue to preserve this mood during the filming process, and we will meet you with a pleasant project in the spring.”

Meanwhile, KBS2's new weekend drama series ‘It's Beautiful Now' will launch on April 2 at 8 p.m. KST, with the first episode airing on April 2.

It's Beautiful Now: Trailer

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