Italian Couple Murder: Italian Bride and Groom Found Dead, Andrea Cardinale Charged With Double Murder

Italian Couple Murder: Andrea Cardinale, age 21, has been taken into custody in connection with the murder of the Italian couple. On Wednesday, the young man reportedly killed Nino Calabro and Francesca Di Dio in Thornaby, Yorkshire, England.

Andrea was reportedly Nino's coworker and croupier. He also shared a house with Calabro. The story is making its way across the web, grabbing everyone's attention. Learn what went wrong with the marriage and why Andrea decided to kill them here.

Who Exactly is Andrea Cardinale?

Andrea Cardinale, a 21-year-old from Palermo, was detained on Wednesday in Thornaby, Yorkshire, England, for the murders of Nino Calabr and Francesca Di Dio. He worked as a croupier with Nino and was one of Nino's associates. The accused killer was not only a work colleague of Calabr's but also his roommate.

There was no clear motive, but the investigations indicate he would have used a hammer to hit them. A 21-year-old man has been charged with murder in the deaths of a couple in Thornaby. Cleveland Police have confirmed that a man and a woman were found dead at an apartment on Thornaby Road at approximately 2:10 p.m. on Wednesday, and have begun a murder investigation.

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Suspect Andrea Cardinale was Identified in the Murder of an Italian Couple

Francesca Di Dio (age 20) and Antonio Calabro (age 26) have been named as alleged Italian residents. As a result of police claims that Andrea Cardinale, a resident of Thornaby Road, committed the murder, Cardinale was arrested.

According to published reports, the individual will be required to appear in court on Monday, December 26, 2022, at the Teesside Magistrates Court. Two counts of murder have been brought against him.

Who Were Francesca Di Dio and Antonino Calabro?

Italian Couple Murder: Francesca Di Dio (age 20) and Antonino Calabro (age 26), commonly known as Nino, have been positively confirmed as being from Italy.

Andrea Cardinale, a resident of Thornaby Road, was reportedly arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree murder. He has a court date scheduled for Monday, December 26 at the Teesside Magistrates' Court.

Since then, police have released images of Nino and Francesca and are providing assistance to both of their families through specially trained officers. The cordon around the site of the suspected event is still in place and is expected to remain so for the next few days.

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After the deaths, flowers were put outside the apartments that had previously housed the Royal George bar, which was where the tragedy was said to have occurred. Regular residents of the area were taken aback by the shocking turn of events.

On Wednesday afternoon, a police cordon was erected up to prevent entry to the building where crime scene investigators were working and moving evidence bags.

Initial Data From The Police Investigation

The suspect, a 21-year-old who was apprehended shortly after the murders, was said to have mental issues and to have killed his roommate and girlfriend with hammer blows during an argument.

But the investigations will reveal the dynamics and motivations behind the facts. Only conjecture can be formed at this point, as we wait for confirmation from the investigators and the account of the alleged murderer.

Italian Couple Murder


According to Francesca's friends in the Messina region, Nino may have told his housemate that she had to go since she wanted to move to England. His temper was likely stoked by this.

An officer remained in the area all night long, answering questions from curious bystanders. According to the Mirror, Francesca was seeing Nino, a table games dealer at a casino in Stockton, at the time of the alleged murder. Another employee of Nino's wrote, “Can't quite believe that… So long, Nino Calabr. I still can't believe we just talked on Sunday. I had a great time working with you, and I'll miss you very much.

Another individual commented, “Such terrible news to wake up to this morning.” Thank you for everything you did for us, Nino Calabr. Your friendly personality and excellent service are qualities we will never forget.

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A lot of people will miss you, and the casino just won't be the same without you. “I'm speechless you and your girlfriend didn't deserve this fate,” a third employee commented on Facebook. “I only knew you for 3 months, and you were a lovely boy who brought joy to the academy every day.”